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wallentoolofk: yeah, SV just purely sucks in the tools, but we can ask andreas about support06:25
wallentoolofk: I put many thoughts into board abstraction now and I think I have kind of a plan07:09
wallentothere are a few major tasks I plan for this:07:09
wallento- extend the GPIO module to allow a flexible number of GPIOs (different for each board)07:11
wallento- a small OpenRISC System Information Module that contains the very basic device information needed for baremetal (freq, UART base, mem base and mem size, etc.)07:12
wallento- and something that will take longer, but is really cool I think: A Pmod switchbox, that allows software to configure the Pmod connectors, so that a set of SPI, UART and GPIO modules can be mapped at runtime07:13
wallentolooking for anybody's thoughts on this07:14
mafmwallento: are there good applications for GSoC?  Anybody up for reimplementing GCC? :)16:36
daliasreimplementing gcc?16:47
daliasredoing the or1k target?16:48
mafmdalias: yes, sorry :D16:56
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