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wallentonobody applied for GCC02:31
wallentomafm: ^02:31
andrzejrwallento, re GPIO, how about this:
wallentoyes, that is a good starting point13:30
wallentoI would extend it a bit, andrzejr13:30
wallentogeneralize it to more GPIO lines13:31
wallentoand add interrupts13:31
andrzejrwallento, sure. Watch out for problems with word size (, though. I've been going through many iterations of the wb_data_resize.v, the latest version is in:
andrzejrnot sure what is the current state of this file in master but when I started using fusesoc I couldn't access my 16b GPIO IO with any type of instructions.14:41
andrzejrbtw, number of GPIOs is limited by the bus size. Why would you like more?15:00
wallentoandrzejr, just multiple registers15:21
wallentoI want to map virtually all pins in15:21
wallentoalso pmods if desired15:22
andrzejrI see. Do you plan using "jbtrivial" linux driver or something else?15:26
wallentointeresting, I did not have a look at it so far15:32
wallentoI am envisioning the pmod switch to allow runtime mapping of the pmods to functional blocks15:32
wallentoand then have the gpio module with similar functionality as one can find in a microcontroller15:33
wallentoI will have a look at it, thanks!15:33
wallentoI think I will map them in groups to page boundaries15:40
wallentothat way they can be mapped to userspace even15:41
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