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mithroolofk: what is the most "up to date" instructions for getting a Linux kernel (plus user space) running on an or1k on an Atlys board?02:48
mithroolofk: btw, did you see we have better drivers for the stupid USB<->Serial adapter on the Atlys board? It just needs someone to finish sending them upstream02:56
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wallentodoes anyone know the format of hardware targets in vivado?06:51
wallentoI am done with the backend, but I am not sure if the id is actually a unique id or if it identifies the boar06:51
wallentoor if anyone has a target board, it would be great to know your hardware target id06:53
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wallentoby the way, it is at great that Xilinx adopted their hardware programming to an open standard now (TCF)06:58
_franck__I have a vivado with a target connected here06:59
_franck__where do I find what you need ?06:59
_franck__wallento: ping07:00
wallentohey _franck__07:00
wallentoit is:07:00
wallentovivado -mode tcl07:00
wallentoyou should get something like: 210203327985A07:01
wallentonope that I mean: localhost:3121/xilinx_tcf/Digilent/210319788593A07:01
_franck__ok wait a minute07:01
wallentoI am wondering if this last number is like the id of the digilent programming cable07:01
wallentoit differs between the Nexys and the Arty, but I am wondering if all of them have the same, at least the first digits07:03
wallentoso, thats an Arty too?07:03
wallentogreat, thanks!07:04
wallentoso it seems there is some systematic07:04
wallentobut not useful07:04
wallentoso I will iterate in the tcl file to search for the right target if multiple boards are connected :)07:06
olofkDoes anyone know which RISC-V implementations that run Linux?09:43
olofkIs it only rocket, or can vscale, picorv32 or ri5cy run Linux as well?09:44
mithrohey olofk10:39
wallentori5cy most probably not11:02
wallentosame for picorv3211:02
wallentoboth only have user mode11:02
wallentofor vscale I would assume the same11:03
mithrowallento: Very happy to test your stuff on an Atlys board11:27
wallentogreat, thanks. It should be straight forward, so we may just need a few iterations11:27
mithrowallento: my end goal is to replace FuseSoC with MiSoC11:29
mithrowallento: if I sent you a Opsis board, would you have the time to get that working?11:32
wallentounfortunately not currently11:33
mithroIt's pretty similar to the Atlys but has DDR311:33
wallentotoo much on my plate11:33
wallentobut looks like an interesting board :)11:34
mithroIf your situation changes, please do like me11:34
wallentoyep, will do11:41
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