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olofk_franck_: I saw that. Alex Bradbury tweeted about it yesterday.03:46
_franck__ok, sorry I'm not tweet aware :)03:50
stekerntwitter is dangerous, I try to avoid it03:54
stekernyou can get stuck in it, in the same way as you can get stuck on youtube03:54
olofkMmmm :(03:56
wallentohesham: yes, thats the plan after the current updates are upstream04:40
wallentoI have already adopted it accordingly and will put it into
shornestekern: I think openRISC has helped to cure my youtube addiction08:04
stekernshorne: heh08:04
stekernoh, and I didn't get around to pull out Linux patches last weekend :(08:05
shorneso... from the response from Jonas I spent the past day and a half looking into adding a memcpy builtin to the openrisc gcc backent08:06
stekernlet's see if the easter holidays let me spend some cycles on it08:06
shornebackend... I think I figured it all out, but I dont really want to touch that08:06
shorneI see you added some things to gcc before, any thoughts?08:07
stekernnot without going back looking at it08:07
shornethe whole .md (lisp like) matchers and code generators are a bit.. much08:08
shornere: patches, thanks Im just working on the todo list. looking at blockmem cleanups now08:09, yeah...08:10
shornestekern: do you plan on pulling out the smp patches?08:10
stekernllvm is nicer in that sense08:10
stekernI thought I'd only pull out the really critical once08:10
stekernthe ones that fix broken things in the upstream kernel08:11
shorneyeah with llvm you can really easily see the boundary between front end and backend. With GCC its there too but not so well documented or easy to figure out on your own.  there are actually ton's of docs but I dont really find what I need there08:12
wallentoby the way, whats the state of llvm?10:36
wallentoI am ready to build the next crosscompiler :)10:36
olofkSometimes I wonder why I log in to all these channels, when it's essentially the same people in all of them :)13:42
wallentoyeah, thats the same like when facebook, google, whoever buys a social media startup and people say they acquired them for the extra x00 million users13:49
wallentoI am always thinking that those are like 99% the same people probably..13:50
wallentoolofk: I played around with fusesoc a bit13:52
wallentoI am thinking of a integration and have some thoughts how this best works out13:52
wallentoshould I put them into a Github issue?13:53
wallentothe ideas are essentially around online "cores_root" (extend the mechanisms for cacheable web api calls)13:54
wallentothey would allow for dependencies like librecores:olofk/spi13:54
wallentoand the librecores api resolves this to a core-file URL13:54
wallentoto download13:54
wallentoprobably something to merge with your dependency ideas13:55
olofkwallento: This sounds interesting. It's basically the same idea as Gentoo overlays15:08
olofkOne thing to investigate would be to see if it would make sense to use the full IP-XACT vlnv for this15:09
olofkWhere in your example, librecores would be vendor, olofk would be library and spi would be component15:09
olofkThe general problem with overlays is of course dependencies between them15:10
olofkGentoo recently improved this area15:10
olofkWhich is why I like to look at how Gentoo solve things. They have already been through a lot of these issues. No need to fall into the same traps :)15:11
olofkwallento: Were you also thinking about scraping the .core files for metadata and present on librecores? Because that was my first idea of librecores integration15:12
olofkAnd with the ambition to move more stuff from .core files into IP-XACT files (now that FuseSoC can parse basic stuff from IP-XACT files), we could basically present decoded IP-XACT info on librecores, with optional FuseSoC integration15:14
wallentoolofk: yes, it should probably point to a file URL or so for the beginning and have some versioning. I will put my thoughts in a google doc and share17:21
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