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olofk_andrzejr: I tried it in Icarus first, but gave up when I noticed that one of the cores were vhdl. Haven't tried xsim02:16
olofk_Unexpeced to see Jonas reply to the linux patch mail. Haven't hear from him for quite a while02:17
olofk_andrzejr: It would be great if someone could just slap on a APB interface on the wishbone uart, and replace the one in pulpino02:20
olofk_The or1200-generic system has broken in some subtle way again :(02:51
olofk_I'm getting a wishbone error at some point that makes the monitor stop executing. Can't really figure out what's happening. And it feels like a waste of time to spend too much energy on maintaining that one02:52
olofk_But I think it's good to have around02:52
olofk_So if anyone wants to play with or1200-generic, be my guest :)03:01
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shornewallento: not sure if you saw the mail from Jonas, you were working on gcc right?08:01
shornehe has an idea to put the optimized routines to be builtin the gcc08:02
wallentoI am not really working on gcc08:13
wallentojust did a few quick fixes to make gcc6 compile08:14
wallentobut I have no clue about the meaning of all it :)08:14
shornewallento: alright thanks, I am looking in how to add that to gcc, I guess we can add it to our gcc08:37
shornetrying to figure our where to add it08:37
shornefigure *out*08:38
wallentoyeah, maybe jeremybennett can give us a hint08:43
olofkI've been thinking about that too. It's a bit annoying that we have to add memcpy and friends to all OSes and libc implementations. A single one in gcc (+llvm I guess) would be nice08:59
bublicwho is one?15:42
bublici want to talk about gsoc15:42
bublicbtw, i am not able to find the mailing list :(15:42
wallentohi, it is here:
wallentowhich project idea are you interested in?16:07
bublicwallento, some port16:08
wallentoso, please post it to the list then16:22
bublicwallento, i did not see many applicants16:32
bublicdo u really have so few?16:32
wallentomost contacts are directly to a mentor16:32
shorneI think I found where the builtins are added for gcc (at least for i386 for reference) i386/i386.c expand_set_or_movmem_via*17:20
shorneits pretty complicated becuse instead of implmenting the routine its c code to output the instructions for the implemention optimized for a certain compiler17:21
shornegcc is a beast, 50k, 10k line files are normal17:24
bublicprivet anton18:01
heshamwallento: I wrote a tutorial how to build/run RTEMS on or1k about a year ago, you may want to add/copy it to the OpenRISC wiki18:07
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