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shornestekern_: so I was reading some of the github repos and I realized I am running the openrisk repo gdb06:04
shorneI didn't realize everything is upstream now06:04
stekern_is gdb upstreamed?06:04
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shornestekern: I see all of the openrisc change there06:05
stekernyes, but that's not part of gdb06:07
stekernonly binutils06:07
shorneI crosschecked a few of the changes... right, let me see06:08
stekern(or well, it is a part of gdb, but it's there because it is a part of binutils, which is upstreamed)06:08
shorneright, I cant find gdb/or1k-tdep.c upstream06:14
shorneI should double check I am using the upstream binutils06:15
shornebut, that shouldnt have much to do with it since my images are good, need to look through my hardware06:16
stekernyeah, as we did not even use gdb at all to load the images06:39
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