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stekernshorne: yes, that seems like a completely redundant thing01:04
stekern...but looking at that, I see that I introduced a bug when I added SMP support01:04
shornestekern: thanks for confirming about r4, I traced it back to existing in the inital commit so not sure04:24
shorneIn terms of SMP, i havent been looking at it since I am pretty sure I have it disabled... double checking04:24
shornehmm, maybe its on04:28
shorneno, I have swa lwa disabled, so its not on04:32
shorneok been working on debugging my boot failure, not sure I used to get further06:21
shornebut definitely now its failing on head.S line 106706:22
shornethe flag is set in SR, but the bf is not jumping06:22
shorneI get a bad tlb06:23
shorneitlbw0mr2 0x384001 ,  itlbw0tr2 0x4038405006:23
shornewhen we return from the boot_itlb_miss_handler, it goes to 0x200 (bus excp)06:25
shornebecause of that bad tlb entry06:25
shorneIll see if I can write some test code to test the bf instruction06:26
shornenevermind, it seems like it might be a debug issue, if I single step it doesnt work, but if I conitnue thorugh the miss_handler I get07:35
shorneitlbw0mr2  0x384001, itlbw0tr2  0x38405007:35
shorneok, but back the the last issue, on the jump to or32_early_setup08:02
shornethe code jumps to just past 300mb (I dont have the match ram) then I get a bus error08:03
shorne 0x384174:   l.jalr r2408:04
shorne0x384178:   l.nop 0x008:04
shorne0xc038b190 in or32_early_setup ()08:04
shorne0x00000200 in ?? ()08:04
shorneIts not going into the tlb_miss_hanlder for that 0xc038.. jump08:05
shornemaybe this debug interface is buggy08:05
stekernshorne: I wouldn't bet that stepping through the mmu enable is bullet proof12:27
stekernshorne: let me dust off my de0-nano and see if I can reproduce your issue12:38
stekernde0-nano free of dust, let's see if I can remember how to build and run stuff still14:49
olofkp1oooop: The plusargs warning is nothing to worry about. I just haven't migrated all the cores in orpsoc-cores yet, since I wanted to give people some time to update their FuseSoC versions16:06
olofkmithro: I synthesized mor1kx for an iCE40 a while ago. That was with Lattice's iCEcube2 tools (using synplify for synthesis), but it seemed to work. Didn't have any board to test it with though16:07
stekernwhy am I not getting any uart output...16:09
shornestekern: the uart pins were changed some time ago16:40
stekernyeah, I have them at a completely different place, but I have changed them16:41
shornedo you have gdb up?16:41
shornedoes the program counter get passwed where I was having issues?16:43
stekernwell, I haven't got to try that, since I don't get any uart output16:43
shorneoh, how are you testing your uart output? you have a separate program for that?16:44
stekernit's just a printf("hello world")16:45
stekern...+ some led blinking16:45
stekernso the program is running...16:45
shorneI see you have the uart as the uart16550 from orpsoc-cores/de0_nano git?16:48
shorneTX <-> GPIO_2[1] (Pin 6, bottom header) (RX at pin 5)16:48
shorneand uart offset=0x9000000016:49
stekernyes, but I have changed the pins to what I have connected16:49
shorneI see16:50
stekernand it works with some old image16:50
stekernbah, I added a signaltap to uart tx and now it works...17:18
shorneah... no chance debugging :17:22
shorneIf I boot an old image (downloaded from the wiki) it gets a git further...17:24
shorneCPU: 0 PID: 0 Comm: swapper Tainted: G    B        3.11.0-rc3-10831-gd706305-dirty #30617:24
shorneStack dump [0xc01ffef4]:  , sp + 00: 0xc01ffef417:24
shornehmm, let me see what is different in this image that it can get paste the immu part17:25
shornemaybe this doesnt have a tlb flush stuff and thats about it17:25
stekerntry this:
stekernor was that the one you tried?17:25
stekernI'm able to boot that on my board now17:26
shorneyup exactly that one17:26
shornewith no errors?17:26
shornehmm, I get swapper errors, but at least it means the kernel is mostly booting17:26
stekernI'm loading directly with openocd though17:26
shornejust halt, load_image, reset?17:27
stekernand then17:27
stekernhalt; load_image /home/stefan/Downloads/vmlinux-de0_nano; reg r3 0; reg npc 0x100; resume17:27
shornelet me try exactly that17:27
shornehmm, with that last line on serial console is "Console: colour dummy device 80x25"17:30
shornelet me clear the console and double check17:30
shorneyeah, still getting swapper tained issue when running in openocd17:32
shorneI have a spanion 8mb flash on my board which seems to be (newer)17:33
shorneI wonder if that has anything to do with it?17:33
stekernLinux shouldn't be touching the flash in the default config17:34
shorneyeah, thats what I thought17:34
shorneit is defined in the latest dts17:34
shorneanyway, this is the dropbox image17:35
stekernI wonder if there are other differences on these new boards, maybe the memory settings needs to be tweaked differently17:36
shornemaybe, but at least I can reproduce it working partially on the old iamge, and not on my new image17:39
shorneI can compare the assembly17:39
shorneits probably less than 100 lines before it fails17:39
stekernmmm, but it's weird that the old image doesn't work fully for you17:39
stekernI can boot a 4.2 image too17:41
shorneyeah, I can look into that17:41
shornelet me try with my latest image 1 more time17:41
stekernif you pass me your image that doesn't work at all, I can try that as well17:41
shorneI wouldnt' trust it much, now I am getting past the bus error in it17:46
shorneanyway, I need to get going thanks a lot for helping17:47
stekernme too, way past bedtime here17:47
stekernbut your image boots here17:48
shorneah... cool17:49
shornethats 4.5 :)17:49
shornegood night, I have some hope17:50
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