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stekernolofk: be happy about not receiving spam comments, our boys have a travelblog as an assignments from school. It's been unattended for a year and now there was 30k spam comments12:58
stekernthe spam bots were having conversations with each others, commenting stuff like "I agree with your point sir, but have you considered buying an iphone 6s" to each other13:00
stekernI ended up using a couple of public rbldnses and then I set up one myself that uses the IP's from the wordpress SPAM folder13:03
bandvigstekern:Why default assignment in DMMU/IMMU looks like phys_addr_o = virt_addr_match_i[23:0]; i.e. only 24 LSB are used?13:05
stekernbandvig: tbh I can't remember if there is some special meaning behind that, does it matter though? it's never going to be used on a hit13:12
bandvigstekern: It was a moment I tried to replace it with full length assignment, and linux hanged up with such modification.13:15
stekernwell, *that* sounds odd, it should never be used13:17
stekernbut setting at least the lower bit to what they anyway will be set to on a hit of course makes sense (since then you don't need to gate those flops with the hit logic)13:18
bandvigstekern: Ok. Do you know does linux use l.msync, l.lwa, l.swa?13:39
olofkWoohoo!! I got my first blog comment!18:42
olofkAnd it's not spam :)18:42
olofkI'm throwing out the 32-bit wb support from uart16550 now22:08
olofkAhh... Now I could finally drop some hacks from mor1kx-generic22:53
olofkThink there are some other systems that will get this treatment too22:54
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