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wallentohey guys15:37
wallentoplaying around with travis, jenkins and docker again15:37
wallentostekern, olofk: Did you do something with it recently?15:38
stekernI just pointed olofk to something I had played with way back15:38
wallentookay, it seems we will rely on Munich university for toolchain jenkins15:51
wallentobut I am thinking of some simple testing now15:51
wallentoalso found this for the first time15:51
wallentoanyone used it?15:51
olofkwallento: Haven't seen17:07
olofkWhat the hell is it? :)17:08
olofkBut I really feel the need for continous integration increasing. Been breaking stuff a bit too much lately17:08
olofkBeing able to run automatic regression tests in orpsoc-cores would help a lot17:09
GeneralStupidolofk: i know regressiontests for embedded devices...17:21
GeneralStupidolofk: only from automotive industry17:21
olofkGeneralStupid: We have a proof of concept Jenkins system that does tests on one core in orpsoc-cores. I want to scale this to include most of the cores17:25
GeneralStupidolofk: sounds good, how do you do tests for a hardware design?17:30
olofkGeneralStupid: We don't :)17:43
olofkThat would be too much work to set up and maintain. There are projects for many different boards in orpsoc-cores, no standardized tests, no standardized way of accessing the boards. It would probably require a full-time position to keep that going17:44
GeneralStupidi just thought about a test for a generic implementation17:59
olofkGeneralStupid: Do you mean on real hardware or in simulation? And what kind of test?18:03
GeneralStupidyes, i dont know how to make a regression test for hardware.18:04
wallentophilipp from TU Munich is working on CI with hardware18:11
wallentoI also did it for the DE0 nano prototypically at TU Munich18:12
wallentolike hooking up JTAG and UART, compile and run a program and check for the output on UART18:12
GeneralStupidspecial code or is it a "generic" application for regression tests on hardware?18:15
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wallentoGeneralStupid: its generic code, like helloworld21:07
wallentowe did not go far with this until now21:07
wallentocurrently consolidating CI21:07
wallentoFinished travis-ci for newlib now as a first step, jenkins at TU Munich will still be there for building and deployment21:08
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