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olofkjuliusb: Yeah, I contacted him a few years ago to get ordb2a added when I was on the ORSoC payroll :)17:45
olofk_franck_: I'll take a look at it17:46
olofkjuliusb: But surely there must be a better option than de0 nano. It's cheap, but it doesn't have any connectors whatsoever17:49
olofkAtlys boards are also still very popular it seems17:49
olofk_franck_: I still get some warnings in jtag_vpi
olofkoh.. that was actually an error20:33
olofkman 2 write says that n should be a ssize_t20:35
olofk_franck_: Pull request sent20:44
olofkMade some changes to the modelsim backend in fusesoc. Shit might break. Let me know20:50
_franck_olofk: if I remove timescale from jtag_vpi.v I get
olofk_franck_: Is that with your sim script?20:57
olofkAh ok. I also see that I get another warning when I change to ssize_t20:57
_franck_olofk: yes it s20:58
_franck_I don't want to break jtag_vpi own testbench20:59
olofkI understand. I'll try to fix that21:00
olofkI was going to tell you to use fusesoc instead of your test script, but I realized that we can't run things in paralell that way21:01
olofkah.. this was trickier than I had hoped it would be. The simple way is probably to make a FuseSoC-specific patch for this instead21:08
olofk_franck_: I fixed it for FuseSoC now. Check the latest commit in orpsoc-cores21:16
olofkTime to sleep now21:16
olofkAnd thanks for testing and not just blindly apply my hysterical pull requests :)21:17
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