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MegafHello everyone, what is the most afordable FPGA I can buy to run OpenRISC?11:44
MegafI'm not sure about the correct term, I think run is not the most apropriate11:45
MegafOk, I think this is it ordb2a-ep4ce2211:49
Megafbut is out of stock11:49
olofkOk, I'm going to hunt down every unncessary use of `timescale now. This is WAR!12:56
olofk_franck_: Can you remove it from jtag_vpi.v?12:56
juliusbGetting to Megaf's question, what *is* the best bet for a new OpenRISC beginner these days? Is it still the de0 nano? It's $80USD list price still on terasic's site.15:19
juliusbthis guy's done a good job:
_franck_olofk: ok I will19:37
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_franck_olofk: I removed all compiler warnings in jtag_cpi but not timescale yet :)20:50
_franck_I removed it from jtag_vpi.v but got some warning so I let it for you, pull request is welcome20:50
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