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andrzejrwhen I put the code in [verilog], remove 'package' and 'use' statements and modify all instantiations to point to a 'work' library I can make it work with ise.00:17
andrzejrGeneralStupid, how come people *choose* to work with vhdl? It is almost as if the language was designed to make our job as hard and pitiful as possible.00:32
andrzejrI've set up ethernet with a 3rd party mii2rmii core (to make sure the error is not coming from my adapter), the software config (linux) seems OK, but when I try to ping my PC I get "net eth0: TX: underrun" and "net eth0: RX: overrun".01:25
andrzejrany suggestions for debugging it?01:25
olofkandrzejr: The VHDL support is terrible in FuseSoC. I have ideas for how to improve that. Right now there is only a flat namespace, so now support for libraries09:00
olofkAnd I would say that libraries and records are the two things I miss most when I work with verilog09:00
olofkThink I deserved my t-shirt now :)09:01
robtaylormeh, whiners ;)09:54
juliusb_ha, kinda how I use it09:58
* robtaylor works by visualising the DAG and index contents ;)10:09
mafmrobtaylor: so you're the friend that responds to telephone in git.txt (tooltip of the comic)?11:18
mafm(url for tooltip: )11:18
robtaylormafm: i am, i am...11:19
mafmwow, your phone must be pretty busy then XD11:21
robtaylormafm: heh ;)12:04
_franck_jkent: I have the de1 on my desk with led blinking :)20:24
_franck_try this:
_franck_led_blink.elf I gave you yesterday wasn't ok. I did a mistake in the linker script (if you disassemble it you'll see it starts at 0x200 but is should be 0x100)20:29
jkentthank you _franck_, i'll give it a shot here in a little bit20:45
_franck_I used or1k-download to run the led_blink20:50
jkent_franck_: hooray! it works21:35
jkentwow, i can see the voltage drop change when i hold it in reset (DE1 powered via USB)21:37
jkentvia the altera blaster leds21:38
jkenttimerled works as well, with or1k-download21:56
jkentincluding serial output, this is good21:56
_franck_jkent: this is good and not good. So you say it doesn't work with openocd ?22:03
_franck_I'll give it a try22:03
jkenti was able to get your "bad" one to run with npc at 0x20022:08
jkentusing openocd22:08
_franck_ah ok, great22:10
jkentthe new led_blink, openocd complains "invalid ELF file, no program headers"22:10
_franck_that's because there is no program section in the elf22:11
_franck_it is directly output from or1k-elf-as22:11
jkentah, okay22:11
jkenti'll mess around some more and see if i can get the hello world to run, i have a feeling i'm not linking correctly22:12
_franck_do you have led_blink.S ?22:12
andrzejrolofk, fyr:
jkent_franck_: thanks, i've got newlib and printf working fine now :)23:24
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