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andrzejr"UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION: entering infinite loop" when pinging from linux on openrisc01:35
andrzejraddresses in the panic message point at account_system_time01:36
andrzejrunaligned access at: c00335dc:       84 65 00 c0     l.lwz r3,192(r5) in account_system_time01:41
andrzejrI thought linux handles these exceptions01:43
andrzejrThe address of that access was 0x3efff8be01:46
olofkstekern: Did you ever hook up the eco32 stuff to FuseSoC?12:16
olofkI see an eco32 branch in your orpsoc-cores fork12:17
GeneralStupidi discussed something with a guy at work on friday are there any benchmarks which measures the power consumption12:18
olofkGeneralStupid: I know that jeremybennett from embecosm has been working on something like that12:19
GeneralStupidolofk: they gave me a job offer for profiling embedded software for electronic control units -.- im not sure12:20
GeneralStupidohhhh one more important information :)12:23
GeneralStupidsome guys at my university are doing stuff with Tensilica and already tried openrisc some time ago12:23
olofkoh great. OpenCores is down as usual12:23
GeneralStupidthey were impressed about fusesoc, that it really makes things easier12:24
GeneralStupidfusesoc, orpsoc, openrisc, mor1kx ... etc :)12:24
olofkGeneralStupid: Cool! Happy to hear that12:25
GeneralStupidolofk: he told me that's great, but tensilica is better ( not literally, it was a longer discussion )12:26
GeneralStupidolofk: i told him to think about open source in the 90s...12:26
GeneralStupidolofk: i think fusesoc is something which was missing till now and absolutely the right way. Software Developers don't want to know anything about the core they are using.12:27
olofkAgree. And package management has been non-existent on the RTL side12:28
GeneralStupidI think it would be possible to add some "customizing" features in fusesoc in the future, like "easy" custom instructions.12:29
GeneralStupidBTW. at the moment iam cleaning up the DE2 port. And the university might lend me a de2-115 board ...12:31
GeneralStupidis there a memtest or some other testing tools for verifying my work?12:31
olofkGeneralStupid: stekern wrote a memtest tool, but I just noticed that the link to that doesn't work anymore12:36
olofkstekern: No git on chokladfabriken anymore?12:37
GeneralStupidopencores hosting is really not that great...12:39
GeneralStupidthe wb_interconf is only generated if its not already there, right?12:51
GeneralStupidstekern: if you read this, could you give me a link to your memtest tool?13:02
stekernolofk: yeah, bingbot crashed apache when it parsed those...14:08
stekernthe repos are still there though14:08
stekernI just disabled the web interface (for now)14:09
stekernGeneralStupid: git clone git://
stekernolofk: yes, I used fusesoc for all my eco32 experiments14:13
stekernand everything should be in that eco32 branch14:13
GeneralStupidstekern: i get undefined reference errors (board=atly)14:38
GeneralStupidstekern: how to see if anything was ok? :-D14:42
GeneralStupidprintf does not work for me :/14:42
andrzejrstekern, do you have membenchmark results for any boards?15:24
olofkFound an SVN weirdness16:06
olofkFuseSoC tries to checkout a subdir in th eco32 repo for the eco32-uart. This dir has been moved in a later revision, so even if I try to checkout an old revision where the dir used to exist, it can't be found16:08
olofkstekern: I would like to get the eco32 stuff into orpsoc-cores16:22
olofkI'm hacking the .core files right now to use the latest tagged version16:23
olofkDo you have any regression tests I can use?16:24
stekernhmm, there was some tests I ran... but I can't remember, lemme check16:51
stekerncan't find anything, but I think there was something from the eco32 svn16:54
wbxhmm. i still have problems with my userland on or1ksim / qemu. is binutils 2.25.1 ready to use or is or1k-src required for binutils usage?16:55
GeneralStupidyou use regression tests for hardware?!18:06
GeneralStupidHIL? Tell mee more...18:06
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