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salmansheikhon fuse_soc de0_nano, I am trying to print a loop of 10 float multiplications by a constant and program only runs through 2 + iterations...why?13:38
homeless_hi everyone?13:39
homeless_I have a question: Should I consider the calibration time of DDR2 (~40us) in bootrom code? I mean should I insert a delay code if I read from SPI flash and write to DDR2 ram?13:41
homeless_I am using atlys board13:42
stekernthe memory write will stall until the calibration has been performed, so no you don't need to13:43
olofkandrzejr: There should be an rmii2mii adapter somewhere... can't remember where right now13:43
salmansheikhcould it be the size of the boot rom that is the problem?13:44
homeless_stekern: so you are saying program counter will not increase until it gets calibrated?13:45
stekernhomeless_: basically yes, the databus access will stall, which will stall the processor (at some point)13:45
homeless_Ok. Thanks stekern.13:46
homeless_Then, DDR' calibration cannot be the source of my problem. I should look somewhere else.13:48
salmansheikhno will search myself...13:50
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