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jkenthi, i'm having problems building gdb from the repository:
jkenti've been following the instructions here:
wallentojkent: yes, there is a problem with the build instructions08:59
wallentolet me check08:59
olofkjkent: Did you try these instructions? (haven't compared the to the ones you used)10:35
GeneralStupidcan anyone sends me his openocd command line again?12:52
GeneralStupidit cannot find "usb_blaster"?12:52
GeneralStupidIT WORKS :-D13:34
GeneralStupidthe problem were two things: 1. continue does not work and my old openocd build does not like reset AND (the bigger problem) 2. i misconfigured the memory....13:40
GeneralStupidcan anyone tell me what size=16 in wb_config does? so i have 15 downto 0 pins and uint16_t ?14:28
jkentwallento & olofk: i get the same multiple definition errors upon link with either set of instructions -- i did have to CFLAGS=-Wno-error=unused-value to get around an warning in gas, but i'm pretty sure that is unrelated16:25
jkentmy host's gcc is gcc (Debian 5.2.1-17) 5.2.1 2015091116:27
mafmrobtaylor: is your talk about Nerabus recorded?18:40
robtaylormafm: yep, but i didn't want it uploading..18:42
mafmoh, why?  I'm curious now :P18:43
mafmit's the only one not there, other than discussions I think18:43
robtaylormafm: not sure i'll make it down to the miniconf - i'm booked to go to systemd cong18:44
robtaylormafm: it was more a discussion than a presemtation18:44
mafmoh, I see18:50
mafmsorry to hear about the miniconf, I was about to ask you about it18:50
mafmI hope to get some discussions and job done with the ports, let's see18:52
robtayloryep, will drop palmer a mail soon to see how he's doing s19:03
mafmrobtaylor: I think that the whole process will take a few months19:10
mafmI will be working in parallel to that, if time permits :)19:10
mafmit would be nice if they had something upstreamed, binutils or glibc, if not gcc19:11
andrzejrright, it looks like I can boot both barebox and linux with caches enabled, provided that I do not attempt to support any burst modes in my DDR2 adapter. This means all errors come from my code (I am not surprised).23:02
andrzejrI will debug and optimize the code later, for now I am happy I can move further.23:02
andrzejrBTW, what should I set in linux kernel config to get rid of: "Kernel panic - not syncing: compression method gzip not configured"23:03
jkentsounds like CONFIG_RD_GZIP is what you're after23:08
andrzejrjkent, thanks. First successful linux boot.23:37
andrzejrbarebox starts correctly every time but linux still (sometimes) manages to freeze when enabling caches.23:38
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