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ysionneauthanks so much blueCmd :)05:54
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GeneralStupidi dont know. i can synthesize my core, and connect to it via jtag. but it does not run my code...13:10
jn__GeneralStupid: does it properly load the code into memory?13:14
GeneralStupidjn__: it looks like it13:14
GeneralStupidjn__: iam not sure :(13:14
blueCmdI merged gcc 5.2.0 into or1k-gcc, available in the "or1k-5.2.0" branch for now - give it a spin and please report any issues13:17
jn__GeneralStupid: what kind of memory do you have?13:19
GeneralStupidjn__:  8 Mb of SD RAM13:25
stekernand I just pushed branch with the musl related patches applied upon it14:38
olofkblueCmd, stekern: Awesome :)16:10
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