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jeffesquivels_franck_: hi, I read on some older logs of this channel that you wrote this:
jeffesquivelsany idea if that article is coming back? is there any other place where one could find it?06:16
jeffesquivelsit's also referred to in the "Further reading" section of fusesoc's readme.md06:17
blueCmdpoke53281: what backend filesystem are you using for your jor1k? I remember that we looked at some low-overhead virtualized filesystem but I totally forgot what it was06:37
blueCmdwas it 9p? did you ever get it to work? I seem to remember you did06:48
_franck__jeffesquivels: unfortunately I lost all of my website content so it won't be back. However, I found it on some web archive:07:22
_franck__Since I can now have access to my cached website, I'll put it online again soon07:23
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olofkAnyone at Geneva airport right now? About to go there to catch a train to CERN09:34
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blueCmdI'm catching the train to Geneva in 30 min, expecting to be at bldg 33 ~4pm09:56
jeffesquivels_franck_: oh, I'm sorry to hear that you lost all the content12:32
jeffesquivels_franck_: is all the content on or just that one article? (btw, rules! :)12:32
jeffesquivelsmafm: I guess you're more into the software side of hardware design, then?14:46
jeffesquivelsblueCmd: cool, I'm jealous (in the good sense :)14:49
jeffesquivelshopefully I will be able to attend next year14:49
mafmjeffesquivels: I only was helping blueCmd with the Debian port because I think that it's a cool project in itself, and like the idea of free/open CPU and hardware designs15:06
mafmfrom an ethical and practical point of view (e.g. backdoors, no need to mention more nowadays :) )15:07
mafmI am interested in risc-v for the same reasons15:09
mafmit would be really awesome to be able to use any of them for general computing needs15:12
mafmI mean, to use as standalone servers or so, if not desktops15:13
mafmI don't know what are the plans for 64-bit openrisc designs though15:13
jeffesquivelsmafm: you're right, that sounds like a great project! it's been ages since I tried to package something for Debian (and I guess porting the whole thing to a new architecture is several times more exciting)15:17
jeffesquivelsmafm: have you seen the Librem laptop?15:18
jeffesquivelsI think openrisc/risc-v would be a great replacement for the intel cpu's they currently use15:18
mafmjeffesquivels: yes, I read about that, but theres is some controversy about the project being any different than any other laptop without binary blobs, and with coreboot (which they also seemed to have some trouble with getting to work without blobs)15:20
jn__i'm really looking forward to the mass-production of lowRISC devboards15:23
jeffesquivelsmafm: I didn't there were more laptops without binary blobs (the closer I've seen is system76, but IIRC, they use the binary drivers that are already a part of Ubuntu)15:23
mafmjn__: me too, but I haven't heard any news about when they plan to do that -- perhaps there are news from orconf :)15:25
mafmjeffesquivels: I think that you can install coreboot in many computers, specially thinkpads, I don't know about other blobs, but I guess that one can have systems without any of this -- other than CPU micro-code15:27
mafmfor example, in Debian the firmware is already in separate packages, some of them in non-free, and many of my computers work OK without them15:28
jn__one of the coreboots devs is developing an open firmware for an "embedded controller" in a laptop (i don't know which one, though)15:30
jn__mafm: according to the lowrisc faq, it'll still be a little while: "Tape out of production silicon: this is likely to happen, at the earliest, a year after the first test chip (in 2016)."15:32
mafmjn__: yeah, but it's been like that since the start, more than 1 year ago -- so I don't if those plans are still accurate15:33
jn__i should buy an fpga and flash a soft core15:34
blueCmdmafm: how is debian for risc-v going?15:39
mafmblueCmd: I was holding it a bit until upstreaming15:43
mafmto not repeat the problems with or1k, and also because of possible ABI changes15:43
blueCmdsounds good15:44
mafmblueCmd: interested? :)15:45
blueCmdmight be :)15:45
mafmI thought that they would be a bit more speedy with those.  upstreaming can be overcome, but with ABI changes one has to restart from scratch15:45
blueCmdkind of miss messing around with it15:45
jeffesquivelsmafm: you're right, one could probably run Debian on any commercial laptop without the blobs, but I'd rather give my money to the people trying to make it work that way by default :)15:46
jeffesquivelsoh, now that I remember, there was one other project of a guy who designed most of the laptop, but I don't remember what CPU he used...15:46
mafmblueCmd: yeah, me too.  was busy with other things, but it's always in the back of my mind... just don't want to be too annoying insisting risc-v people to upstream, and I guess that the stabilising of ABI they already do as fast as they can15:47
jeffesquivelsI think this was it:
mafmjeffesquivels: true, I find that interesting as well about those projects.  I think that the other free laptop that you think about is novena, and it has a FPGA inside, so perhaps if you want to play with FPGAs and like free laptops you can give it a try15:48
mafmblueCmd: also, tried to meet the guys behind lowrisc a couple of times, living near Cambridge you think that it would be easy... but no luck so far :-/15:48
jeffesquivelsmafm: yes, that was it15:49
mafmblueCmd: ah, also, last time that I checked the qemu for riscv had not been updated for the new ABI or had some important problem, so another alternative would have to be found15:53
mafmblueCmd: but if you are interested (or anyone else), we can start right on!15:55
jn__i'm generally interested in debian, but rather unexperienced15:56
mafmsome part of the work is reporting problems or porting upstream, if that's interesting for you15:58
jn__i'm currently reading the riscv llvm backend's source code16:07
jn__that will result in a few patches16:07
Pimsterhello, regarding ORCONF, I was busy with uni today. Is it still possible to register tomorrow morning?16:12
blueCmdpoke53281: scratch that, you answered it in your presentation ;)16:20
blueCmdmafm: well, without an upstream we shouldn't start - as you say16:22
jeffesquivelsmafm: I would like to help too if that's possible16:38
mafmjeffesquivels: good, give a shout when you hear us start -- I guess that it will be well publicised if/when we start :)17:16
jeffesquivelsmafm: great! I'll probably be around here anyway17:18
mafmso let's see if there are some news of upsreaming and stabilisation in the orconf, I already asked people to prod them about the upstreaming :-)17:20
jeffesquivelsok ok17:22
jeffesquivelsI wonder if there's any streaming of the sessions17:22
jeffesquivels(I guess no, I didn't see any info about it on the conf's website)17:23
doomlordis openrisc distinct from riscV17:31
jeffesquivelsdoomlord: I think so, yes17:32
jn__doomlord: the projects are somewhat distinct and the instruction sets (RISCV and OR1000) are distinct17:42
jeffesquivelsmafm: just finished reading your blog post, so, the main issue right now is pushing gcc and glibc patches upstream19:14
jeffesquivels(which means getting the authorization from one person)19:15
jeffesquivelsis that right?19:15
mafmjeffesquivels: yep, that's for openrisc or1k19:15
mafmblueCmd knows more about the current status19:15
jeffesquivelsmafm: right now I'm reading blueCmd's email from last december ("[Openrisc] Status on the GCC upstreaming effort")19:16
mafmin the channel a while ago we were also talking about a possible risc-v debian port, and it's a similar problem at the moment19:16
mafmnot that we cannot convince a 10 year person; but also that it's not upstreamed yet :)19:16
mafm10 years *ago* contributor19:17
jeffesquivelsmafm: how big were her/his contributions? is it too difficult to just rewrite them? (I guess you probably already thought of that, but it's worth asking)19:18
mafmjeffesquivels: IIRC, it that the person who started the port19:19
mafmso probably all of the rest of contributors can be considered to have worked on derivative work...19:19
mafmin other words, maybe the port would have to be rewritten from scratch19:20
mafmyes :-/19:27
ysionneauanyone knows where is the rendez-vous tomorrow 9AM for the SM18 tour?20:26
blueCmdysionneau: I just checked, "We'll need everyone to meet at the CERN reception[1], building 33, by 08.40AM at the latest on Saturday morning.22:12
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