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_franck_I was supposed to come this morning but I won't make it. Goodbye to anyone I didn't say goodbye yesterday, was good to see you.06:00
stekern_franck_: pity, but it was nice seeing you too yesterday!06:04
_franck_stekern: nnext time I won't come with kid and wife ;)06:13
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olofk__franck_: Sorry to hear your leaving, but it was good to see you09:37
GeneralStupidhey, is here anyone who knows "Lauterbach Trace32"?09:50
RSplietGeneralStupid: on what level do you need information?09:51
GeneralStupidi would like to see if my processor goes up, whats in it's registers and why did it do nothing when i load my binary :)09:54
GeneralStupidi have some lauterbach debuggers at work... the software is ok, i can whatch the state of variables live in memory... That's a nice thing :)09:55
GeneralStupidi can debug my code - but that should also work wirh gdb on openrisc09:56
blueCmdstekern: my simexec seems to work, it's running just fine with "make check" in gcc, but I get the occational lock-ups that I remember I had problems with in the past16:31
blueCmd - at least the kernel agrees with me that it's locked up16:32
blueCmdit seems very random and is usually "fixed" by doing random stuff (launch some program ("ls /tmp"), open a new ssh connection)16:33
mafmblueCmd: is orconf finished now?  any highlights?16:42
blueCmdmafm: yep, it's over. some good RISC-V stuff and some pretty cool general projects16:46
blueCmdmafm: also some good conversations with the last gcc contributor :) fingers crossed16:46
blueCmdstekern: fun! :)16:46
mafmblueCmd: the gcc contributor was there?  that's surprising :D17:41
mafmI thought that he had lost interest and had moved onto other projects17:42
mafmdid anybody talk with the risc-v people about upstreaming?17:45
blueCmdmafm: I talked to them and I'm having lunch with one of the core people next week (if I can dedicate a lunch)17:47
mafmthat's great :-)  who is that, if we can know? :D17:49
blueCmdYunsup Lee, had to check the business card17:50
mafmblueCmd: ah, ok.  I insisted a bit more to the lowrisc guys, but that's from Berkeley I think, and author of some of the forks, so better target :)17:51
mafmanything else interesting from openrisc itself?17:51
blueCmdNo, not really. a lot of awesome tools were announced but that's more hardware-related than anything17:53
mafmfrom the outside, it looks to me as if openrisc lost steam from previous years, but I don't know if it's just my impression17:54
blueCmdmafm: I think you're just confusing the speed at which RISC-V is doing stuff with a regreission for or1k17:55
mafmblueCmd: yes, that's possible17:56
mafmblueCmd: but there are some things that are more objective, like the loss of domains (I am not sure if that was planned or not, though) or decreased traffic in mailing lists18:00
blueCmdmafm: I wouldn't be so quick in concluding things though, people have their periods of activity18:02
mafmblueCmd: well, yes, as I said I am just an outside observer :)18:07
mafmblueCmd: so assuming that the last contributor finally assigns copyright, what's next? waiting a couple of months for the ACK?  needs to port to the new gcc-5? ...?20:22
mafmand if not, what happens?20:23
mafmis it conceivable that the part can be rewritten?  somebody asked about this the other day, but IIRC it was the original contributor20:23
mafmso it would be tough20:24
poke53281So, I am back. The conference was AWESOME!20:52
stekernblueCmd: weird stuff, but I think I've seen something like that too at some occasion21:51
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