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stekernolofk: excel, eh?08:11
olofkstekern: Google drive. We're doing this shit in the cloud, maaaan09:11
jeffesquivelsgood morning14:38
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juliusbjeffesquivels: hi15:46
andrzejr  AS      arch/openrisc/kernel/head.o20:16
andrzejrunaligned opcodes detected in executable segment20:16
andrzejrtriggered by CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO=y20:29
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andrzejrSo, I have managed to get some output from HW: but the bad news is that this was a "lucky" run. linux seems to hang randomly at different points in head.S23:13
andrzejrusually at _fdt_found23:16
andrzejranything suspicious in the log above?23:19
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