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stekernolofk: nice, but why are only the presenters first names there?05:36
stekernI know who most are but some I don't05:37
stekernI can of course go to and look it up05:38
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andrzejrHow to compile linux for de0-nano (or other board)?20:01
andrzejrI have already added new *.dts and *_defconfig. How to build linux with them (and not or1ksim, which I assume is the default)20:07
stekernandrzejr: if you want to embed the dts in the linux kernel set the "Builtin DTB" under "Processor type and features" to something else20:30
andrzejrstekern, thank you.20:38
andrzejrBuilt the kernel with a minimum .dts (updated memory size and clock frequency for uart, only pic, serial and gpio devices present) but the kernel doesn't boot.20:43
andrzejrthis looks weird: Start address 0xc0000000, load size 1071796720:43
andrzejr(memory range is 0x00000000-0x03fffffc)20:43
olofkstekern: The current schedule is just a dump of our internal spreadsheet that we've been using. I'll clean it up in the coming days20:44
stekernandrzejr: that's a virtual address20:51
_franck_andrzejr: you should try to clear r3 before you start the kernel20:55
andrzejr_franck_, r3 is already 0. After jump to 0x100 the program appears to be stuck at npc=0xa0021:03
jeffesquivelsI wish I had found out about orconf earlier :(21:10
jeffesquivelstoo expensive to go to Europe just for the weekend, he he21:11
jeffesquivels(well, too expensive to go to Europe in general :)21:13
olofkjeffesquivels: Some year we will have to move the show to US if that helps21:13
jeffesquivelsolofk: well, I think it's the most inexpensive country to go to from where I am (Costa Rica, in Central America), so yes, that would help a lot21:14
jeffesquivelsolofk: but if I had earlier about the event (several months ago) I would have planned a vacation around to conf to know Europe (I've never been) and that would have made more sense21:16
jeffesquivelsBad luck that I started investigating about OpenCores again just about a month ago... the good thing is that now I know and will be on the lookout for next year's orconf :D21:17
olofkjeffesquivels: Yeah. As things are looking now there will definitely be a new conference next year, so I hope you'll be able to catch us then21:17
olofkTime to sleep21:18
jeffesquivelsolofk: great to hear that! Good night!21:18
andrzejrIs _bus_fault_handler caused by wb_err?22:15
andrzejrany clues for debugging this issue? assuming for now it is caused by a config error, not another hw bug...22:29
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