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stekernpoke53281: yeah, it was a painless upgrade, very few merge conflicts05:10
olofkstekern: Any keys signed lately? At some point I guess we need to bypass Jonas if we want to push things upstream08:37
poke53281"keys signed" ?08:56
poke53281I guess my patch for the idle mode is still not upstream.08:56
poke53281I have reached a new milestone. Half of the available 32 interrupt slots are taken by devices :)09:37
olofkpoke53281: Impressive. I don't think I've used that many interrupts on real hw :)11:48
poke53281olofk: The main r3ason are the new virtio devices. Once they are running I can remove a few of the older devices.13:17
poke53281Maybe you have heard about virtio-gpu ? :)13:20
poke53281With virtio-gpu I can try to run a fullscreen X-window system, which automatically rescales with the window.13:23
olofkpoke53281: Ah cool. I've heard about the virtio GPU, but didn't know that it was already usable to this extent14:45
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olofkUpdated schedule for orconf is online now
olofkWith reservation for additional changes21:03
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