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latifHi all. Have a nice day !07:24
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latifI 've got a problem about interrupt routine on orpsoc-v2. I have added a costum IP to the hardware which contains a interrupt pin. I am sure my implementation is correct. Then I have tried to use it in a simple C code. I have used or1k-support.h and the interrupt handler function or1k_interrupt_handler_add. I dont know why but the code never goes in the interrupt routine. I am sendinf my codes. Please have a check!07:29
latifhi.. this is the c code I use.. The code never goes in the interrupt routine (myinterrupt). I dont know why?? Please share me your suggestions.07:36
latifthe C codes ...
olofkandrzejr: Can't see anything suspicious in the log. From experience I would suspect memory problems first of all08:03
andrzejrolofk, thanks. I was worried you may say that. ;-)08:06
olofklatif: I have a vague memory of that you need to call or1k_interrupts_enable() as well08:09
olofkandrzejr: Haha. I feel you :)08:09
andrzejrBTW, I can only see 64MB of memory (instead of 128MB=64M*16b). This may be an unrelated issue but it means there are some underlying problems to solve.08:09
andrzejrYesterday I checked the temperature compensation (XADC) but it seems to make no difference even if I purposely set wrong temperature values.08:11
latifolofk: Thanks. But in the main the enable function is already exist.. I think you have not seen ..Rigth?? or it is another thing??08:12
olofkIt's another function08:13
latifthe name is how you write?? I mean it is like ... or1k_interrupts_enable()... is it??08:16
latifif so, do you know where is this function implemented? I have not seen it before!!08:17
olofkit's in or1k_support I think08:17
latifolofk: thank you so much. I will check and try again.08:19
poke53281Ok, talk slides finished. I guess I need 1 hour and not only 30 minutes.09:37
poke53281Ok 40 minutes probably. But I can skip parts if there is no time left.09:53
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