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stekernallright, flights booked - I'll arrive 10 am on friday04:42
blueCmdstekern: I got nostalgic today troubleshooting something and I ended up writing this: - do you remember that? :)16:57
blueCmdinteresting with all the intel management engine talk going on (binary firmware with full DMA access etc) - might cause a boost in interest for open-source CPUs17:37
olofkstekern: Great! Will you be there the whole weekend then?18:02
olofkandrzejr: Great progress. So does this mean that the bug is in or1k_cache_init (is that in newlib btw?) or was it in your code?18:03
olofkandrzejr: And of course you should sneak away :)18:07
andrzejrolofk, I think that is either mor1kx or _or1k_cache_init. I think the problem is not with the cache itself (16B cache lines worked fine here) but with the detection of its size.18:36
andrzejrwould be good to check if this affects other systems as well (just change the mor1kx parameters and see if newlib programs boot correctly).18:37
andrzejrnow looking into booting linux, can I do that without eth, spi flash/sdcard and vga?18:39
stekernolofk: yup, plane goes back 19:00 sunday18:48
stekernblueCmd: I remember ;)20:41
olofkandrzejr: You only need a UART and memory to boot linux20:47
olofkWell, you don't really need a UART either, but it's really boring without one20:48
olofkandrzejr: What mor1kx settings would you like me to test? And does it have to be on hw, or is simulation good enough?20:49
olofkVery annoying that none of the JTAG adapters I have (Actel FlashPro4, Digilent HS3) are of any use with OpenOCD20:50
olofkI still haven't tried to use my de0 nano or ordb2a to route the JTAG signals through the chip and use them as JTAG adapters. Might work20:51
andrzejrolofk, try .OPTION_ICACHE_BLOCK_WIDTH (4)  and .OPTION_DCACHE_BLOCK_WIDTH (4) in HW. Maybe also remove (make it default) IBUS_WB_TYPE, although this should not have an effect.21:57
andrzejrI'm currently using Digilent cable (the one built into the nexys4 board). Settings are in
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