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_franck__andrzejr: you dont need gdb for your test .04:44
_franck__just use openocd console (telnet on port 4444)04:45
andrzejr_franck_, yes, I'm using both. Two questions:07:15
andrzejrHow do you download software to the chip. With this: ?07:15
andrzejrAny clues for fixing the "readspr" error?07:16
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_franck__andrzejr: or1k-tcltool must be used with altera virtual jtag09:11
_franck__gdb readspr does not exist anymore09:12
_franck__instead you can use ckassic gdb read and write registzr commands09:13
_franck__to get register names do "info register timer" for example09:14
_franck__but you can also do that with openocd09:14
_franck__it haq been a while i havenr used gdb09:15
_franck__cant help you more i boarding plane09:17
andrzejr__franck_: thank you, much appreciated. now I can use openocd I started to appreciate what I can do with it. eg downloading a hex file was a single command and it takes less than a second to execute10:55
andrzejr_much better than my previous UART debug if. but, my, it was a pain to set it up starting from scratch.10:56
ysionneaustill no schedule for orconf?13:39
orsonmmzfor people looking for a hotel to staying during orconf - perhaps it is worth to look for a place in Saint Genis-Pouilly14:08
orsonmmzit is actually closer to CERN than Geneva14:08
orsonmmzmight be also a bit cheaper, as its on the French side14:09
orsonmmzbut I do not have any specific recommendations14:09
maxpalnso, I now have a nice fresh Ubuntu install on VirtualBox :-) I'm now going to set about installing the tool chains etc.14:48
maxpalnFrom the descriptions I am guessing I should be using the musl toolchain...14:49
maxpalnok, it must be getting late in the week - I incorrectly followed the instructions here:15:11
maxpalnI am now prt way through the 'Linux (uClibc) toolchain (or1k-linux-uclibc)' instructions instead of the musl version.15:12
maxpalnsince it isn't totally clear to me which tool chain is the one I need to ultimately run a multi-threaded Linux kernel (which is my ultimate aim in all of this) can anyone advise?15:13
knzprobably you will want to use musl, as uclibc's thread support is not always stable15:13
maxpalnknz: thanks15:14
maxpalnCan these tool chains can sit alongside each other as long as I set the environment up accordingly?15:14
knzI would recommend doing so, yes15:14
maxpalnok, great15:14
knzjust install in separate directories15:14
maxpalnalso, I missed the note about installing or1ksim first (having a bad day) - does anyone know if I am destined for a life of misery by having completed the 'initial preparations' section of the uclib toolchain instructions without or1ksim installed?15:16
knzI am not sure15:17
maxpalnyeah, I doubt anyone is %-)15:18
maxpalnhmmm, ok.15:37
maxpalnso my uclib installation appears to be missing the sys-root directory. Bit weird - can't imagine this is related to the or1ksim out of sequence install but maybe so...15:39
blueCmdjuliusb: olofk: any tips re: hotels in the area where orconf will be?15:45
maxpalnoops - wrong window !:-)16:20
stekernmaxpaln: you most probably want musl over uclibc16:31
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maxpalnstekern: yeah - I had come to that conclusion.17:21
maxpalnI was just trying the installation since I started down it -17:22
maxpalninterestingly I found that the sys-root directory was missing from /opt/or1k-toolchain/or1k-linux-uclibc -17:23
maxpalnits listed as the directory for the headers in the 'Linux Headers' section17:23
maxpalnI thought this was a problem but now I am wondering if I just need to manually create this directory - I thought perhaps the previous step was supposed to create the directory but maybe not. Something to try later...17:24
olofkandrzejr: Great to hear that you've got things running21:37
olofkblueCmd: I'm staying at Nash airport hotel. Many others stay at IBIS. That's all I can say for recommendation21:37
blueCmdolofk: fair enough, nashed showed up when I looked for hotels so that's good to have as a reference then22:36
andrzejrolofk, even better! I've finally found why newlib's hello.c program was not booting. so much easier with the debugger22:36
blueCmdnow I just have to figure out if I shoulds sneak away early on friday to attend the first part of orconf, pretty tempted..22:36
andrzejrbtw, the error occurs in the startup code (in _or1k_cache_init) and is triggered by setting OPTION_ICACHE_BLOCK_WIDTH and OPTION_DCACHE_BLOCK_WIDTH to 4.23:12
andrzejrstrangely, the code works in rtl simulation but fails in HW - _or1k_cache_init contains an infinite loop.23:13
andrzejrI was previously using 16B=128b cache lines because this size matches the width of DDR2 controller bus, so I expected it to be better for performance. My own cache enabling code worked fine but it wasn't doing any autodetection of cache sizes like _or1k_cache_init does.23:15
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