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andrzejrI've installed musl toolchain but it is not clear to me how can I boot linux or where to get any application for it from (e.g. a shell and basic unix utilities).00:18
andrzejrhave we got any tutorials or examples (source code or images to download)?00:19
mithroanyone here know much about the "Advance Debug System" ->,adv_debug_sys05:41
mithroolofk: I may have an alternative firmware for your Digilent HS3 which makes it look like a device compatible with openocd05:42
olofkandrzejr: If you compile the kernel from it includes busybox, so you will have a shell and default utilities. The easiest way to add applications is to compile them on your host, put the resulting files in arch/openrisc/support/initramfs and recompile.18:37
andrzejrolofk, thanks. I didn't know it.18:43
olofkmithro: Alternative firmware sounds interesting. Got to try it out next time I'll get my hands on the hs3. Regarding adv_debug_sys, that's the interface we use for OpenRISC, so I've used it quite a lot, but I can't claim to be an expert on it. Is there something in particular you are wondering about?20:52
olofkdalias: I just tried to build busybox with musl. Got the same problem as last time about a redefinition of struct ethhdr, but I can't remember how to solve that. Any clues?21:38
* olofk is still waiting for the day when OpenRISC stuff can be built without github hacks21:41
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