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andrzejrmithro, very nice board indeed. I like the high-speed/TOFE connector.00:46
mithroandrzejr: now to make some really cool TOFE boards00:46
mithroandrzejr: turns out the apertus guys had the same idea but sadly chose incompatible pin outs00:47
andrzejrWould be nice to have ADC/DAC boards connected via JESD204B. I've been looking for something like this.00:48
mithroLooking at JESD204B it seems to not be open and have expensive connectors like FMC00:52
mithroOr did I miss something?00:54
andrzejrolofk, pushed some endianness and alignment fixes to the DDR2 interface. When I started looking into byte and half-word access everything turned out to be flipped (UI bus is little-endian). Sadly, this hasn't fixed my booting problems.00:55
andrzejrWell, I don't care about connector, as long as I can talk to some chips. As for openness - I haven't check that. The standard should be free to download but I don't know if it comes with any strings attached.00:58
mithroandrzejr: FMC isn't a free download01:02
andrzejrmithro, I've just downloaded
andrzejrit doesn't require an FMC connector, or any connector at all (on-board chip-chip connection is one of the supported configurations)01:11
andrzejrbut it is serdes based so it needs impedance matching up to 3.125, 6.375 or 12.5Gbps.01:12
andrzejrwill you be able to ship this board in December?01:17
andrzejrhello.c (newlib) crashes because of instruction "l.lwz r3,0x000(r28)" at PC=0x3198 (in _or1k_libc_impure_init) reading from an unitialized location 0x447c. Does anyone have any clues on what could be going wrong?01:49
andrzejrfound it, my hex file converter doesn't handle holes in the address space correctly.02:42
olofkandrzejr: What's the status of your SoC now? Have you been able to boot anything on hw or in simulation?09:13
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