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andrzejrI'm having problems executing hello.c from newlib examples. The iverilog simulation runs for a while, caches are enabled, stack initialized. But at some point (in "memset") the flag register is set to X, and soon after the CPU hangs on "Unknown opcode 0xxx".01:56
andrzejrthe instruction setting the flag register to X is: "3750:       bc 06 00 00     l.sfeqi r6,0" (4th instruction in memset procedure).02:00
andrzejr(probably an unrelated issue) olofk, I noticed that the WB arbiter is rather unfair - I have both ibus and dbus talking to the same port of the memory controller. dbus writes (classic access) starve ibus.02:03
andrzejrthe starvation is caused by wb_cyc signal (which is used as a request signal for the arbiter) staying high during multiple dbus writes.02:19
mithroHeyo! Does anyone know about the status of getting or1k support into gcc upstream?02:47
mithroAlso, my new Opsis board might be of interest to some people - - We currently use the lm32 as our softcore in the firmware for the Opsis, but should be able to use the or1k as we are based off of misoc02:50
_franck_mithro: blueCmd is working on this. We are now waiting the copyright assignment from one last contributor.05:59
olofkmithro: Nice board. Have you thought about coming to orconf?10:17
CareBear\olofk : I'd like to join you guys but there's also another conference at the same time here in Germany13:48
CareBear\olofk : it's all very bad13:49
CareBear\olofk : I'm quite torn between the two13:49
juliusbCareBear\: which one?14:53
mithro_franck_: oh cool. The Debian rebootstrap peeps were complaining about having to patch GCC and copyright problems18:03
mithroolofk: unless it's in Australia, unlikely I'll make it to orconf. You guys should do recording and live streaming if you don't already (and I know some open hardware which would help with that :-)18:05
olofkmithro: Haha. That would be awesome to use for live streaming. A little short on time to look at that now unfortunately, but we will record20:13
mithroolofk: well, maybe next year?22:51
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