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arandI'm trying to build the or1k-elf newlib toolchain such that the final location should be /opt/or1k-elf, but while building things should end up in ~/tmp/opt/or1k-elf, have anyone had any success with this?18:44
arandI'm getting stuck at gcc stage 2 not finding newlib, despite using --with-build-sysroot=~/tmp/opt/or1k-elf Which seemed to work at least for stage 118:46
arandThis is what I'm using Currently on Debian 718:55
olofkarand: Hmm... good question. Never tried that19:51
andrzejrarand, I've successfully re-built it several days ago. The only problem was that afaik gdb required --disable-werror to compile20:22
arandandrzejr: This is without and install into final $PREFIX?20:26
andrzejrsorry, I misread your question. I installed it into $PREFIX as in the build instructions.20:27
arandIt would be nice in order to have a single distro package for the whole toolchain.20:36
arand(Though I know that if done by the distro book it should be split up)20:36
olofkarand: Do you know how other arches do it20:36
olofkI guess that doing it for or1k shouldn't be that different from doing it for other arches20:37
arandI've been trying to look around but found only a discouraging amount of "make install" in instructions. Though I must say I don't know much about cross-compiling to start with20:42
olofkarand: If your goal is to build a package, perhaps it's still easiest to just install it to the target dir directly. Perhaps in a chroot if you want a clean environment20:46
arandThing is I want to be able to auto-build it in several environments as well.20:49
arandI did manage to get or32 in two steps, (binutils gcc-stage1 newlib) and (gcc-stage2 gdb), and I'm suspecting that's about as good as it gets.20:57
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