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daliasstekern, it looks like the gcc you have is miscompiling musl..02:42
daliasi get no output from hello world02:43
daliasweird, it's working on jork1 but not locally on qemu02:52
daliasi thought qemu-or32 just had an outdated name but maybe it can't actually properly run or1k code?02:53
daliasok n/m it seems to be qemu being broken02:55
daliasuploading my own ld-musl and hello to jor1k makes them work fine02:56
daliasahhh qemu is missing l.lwa and crashes silently when hitting it03:01
daliasbluecmd, is the qemu-or1k repo what i should be using?03:03
daliaserm or1k-qemu03:03
daliasyep, it appears to work03:39
blueCmddalias: yeah, sounds good :-)13:27
blueCmdolofk: LMK if you have any hotel tips, need somewhere to sleep sat -> sun I guess13:28
stekernolofk: same here, nothing booked, but tips are appreciated17:26
wbxhi. what is the best version of qemu-system-or32 which can be used? upstream 2.4.0?17:28
daliaswbx, upstream qemu is not usable for or1k. it lacks atomics.19:30
daliasi guess you could use it for some bare-metal/custom-os stuff19:30
wbxdalias: hmm. did the github qemu-or1k compile for you? i have some trouble19:33
daliaswbx, on a musl-based system (alpine) it was a pain to get it to compile19:34
daliasalso i enabled only or32-linux-user and used --disable-werror19:35
dalias(that patch should fix all the actually-serious warnings/errors)19:35
daliasbut if you need system emu, there might be other code that's broken19:35
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