IRC logs for #openrisc Thursday, 2015-09-17

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andrzejrolofk, getting there. As usual, there were more bugs but now I can boot newlib code in RTL simulation. HW still fails (works with asm code, though) but now I know what parts are OK.00:24
daliasdoes the or1k gcc target actually work? i'm looking at its codegen and it seems bogus...04:11
daliasit stores values at negative offsets from the stack pointer _then_ decrements the stack pointer04:12
daliasunless there is some redzone contract i'm not aware of, this will result in horrible stack clobbering by signal handlers04:13
daliasand simply 'return x;' compiles to (pic) 17 instructions04:18
daliasah ok there is a 128-byte redzone04:19
daliasso i don't get why it's adjusting the stack pointer at all04:19
daliasthe stack pointer adjustment is immediately undone and never used :-p04:20
wbxis qemu-system-or32 really really slow? no command works after first start with f.e. sash as init.18:30
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