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_franck__latif: I had a problem with data cache with or1200 a long time ago:
_franck__s/data cache/instruction cache09:16
latiffranck: thanks for reply.09:16
latiffranck: was not that bug fixed??09:19
latifAnybody did not try to fixed it??09:20
_franck__I did fix it, I think it is uptream09:24
_franck__look at the attached patch and compare it with your source file09:24
latifIt seems that you have fixed it. very well. does the same problem exist in orpsoc-v3??09:25
_franck__most of users (all ?) now use the mor1kx processor so or1200 is not maintained anymore09:26
latifhmm..ok.. you re rigth. franck, if you have a mail adress I want to send you a simulation results about orpsoc-v3. there is a strange error. maybe you wanna check it??09:27
_franck__well you can do that09:28
latiffranck: thank you. I will explain all you should know in the e-mail.09:29
_franck__latif: however, I think it would be easier to debug SPI boot in fusesoc than or1200 in orpsocv209:45
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