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olofkAll right! I pushed a first version of my Python IPXact handling library to pypi
robtaylorolofk: nice :)10:40
latifHi all.. Is there anyone here who has tried to port buildroot to openrisc processor??10:45
latifsadly, there is nothing about openrisc in buildroot package.. maybe one of you are intereseted in it ?.10:47
wbxlatif: i hacking openadk to support openrisc11:03
wbxthat is often prestaging for buildroot support for me. but i have trouble to bootup musl system in qemu11:03
latifwbx: thanks for reply... sorry about my ignorance.. that openadk is something like buildroot??11:08
wbxlatif: yes, it is.11:09
wbxlatif: my hobby project. it has some features I am missing in buildroot.11:09
latifwbx: that's really interesting.. I just need a file system building rigth now.. I mean I dont want kernel or u-boot build!! But now, I cant configure it for openrsic.. I have reduced errors but could not managed to handle all..11:17
wbxlatif: do you have real hardware?11:19
latifwbx: yes ı have11:19
latifI am using atlys..orpsoc-v2..u-boot and linux kernel running rithg know11:20
latifor1k-elf and or1k-linux-musl toolchain..11:20
latifI have initramfs rigth know..But I need a file system in my PC..11:21
wbxlatif: my musl toolchain builds binaries which are running with qemu-or32 user emulation, but qemu-system-or32 does not work for me.11:21
wbxlatif: you can give openadk a try to generate a filesystem for you.11:22
wbxwould be interesting if the binaries are working on real hardware.11:22
latifwould be perfect.. is there something shows how I can do that??11:23
wbxlatif: -> there is a manual11:35
maxpalnHowdy All, A really basic question on the multi-processor work that was done earlier in the year (and I guess may be ongoing now). Can the multi-processor implementation be used when running Linux? If so, is there any limitation in terms of number of processor cores etc?12:02
maxpalnIn this particular case we are looking to match performance with another solution and would probably need ~4 MOR1KX implementations.12:03
_franck__maxpaln: hi. Yes it does run Linux and I think stekern did try with 4 or 8 cores12:08
_franck__you could search the IRC logs for this information12:09
pk_orpsocv2 does not have usb 2.0 host controller?12:37
maxpaln_franck__: great - thanks. Looks like this is at least feasible from a capability point of view. :-)13:16
olofkehmm.. where did we put the orconf2014 stuff?13:24
pk_can someone help me?i want to communicate to a USB 2.0 wifi dongle13:31
pk_but i dont see any 2.0 host controller in orpsocv2 which i was planing to run on my atlys board13:33
olofkpk_: I don't think you can do that on tge atlys board13:41
olofkThe USB controller is routed through a proprietary MCU, so you are limited by what that MCU supports13:42
olofkAnd I think that's basically keyboard and mouse13:42
juliusborconf page updated with more talks for this year14:18
juliusbwas anyone keen on presenting who hasn't emailed us yet?14:18
poke53281juliusb: I was asked by Alex Bradbury to tell something on the the riscv workshop day.14:41
poke53281If I interpret my reply to him correctly I said something close to "yes". :)14:42
poke53281Btw. It would be great to have guided tour through CERN.14:47
juliusbgood :)14:52
juliusbAh yes, I'll ask14:52
_franck__+1 for a guided tour14:53
poke53281I guess it is no longer that interesting, because you can't go downstairs anymore since they started measuring. This was different 10 years ago.14:53
poke53281Still have to find my photos from that time.14:53
pk_olofk: if we forget about atlys, is there any opensource usb 2.0 host controller core out there?15:04
wallentopk_: I don't know for sure, but I doubt it15:21
olofkjuliusb: Great job with the site update!20:55
olofkpk_: I don't think I've seen any either20:55
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