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andrzejrIs this intentional: ?01:00
olofkandrzejr: That is supposed to be a startup-delay to give the Flash some time to initialize06:53
daliasis or1k stuff ever going upstream in gcc?06:55
andrzejrolofk, I meant the "1"<->"1b" label mismatch. Or is it a feature I am not aware of?07:34
daliasit's a feature you're unaware of07:37
daliasnumeric labels are not unique and can't be used as targets themselves07:37
dalias1b means "1-back" and refers to the previous (or current-location) 1:07:38
dalias1f means "1-forward" and refers to the next 1:07:38
andrzejrdalias, thanks. One more question, what is the benefit of numeric labels in this context? I thought they would normally be used for annotating absolute addresses in de-assembled code.07:47
daliasthe biggest advantage is that they're usable in inline asm07:48
daliaswhere the asm block mody may be duplicated many times07:48
andrzejrno idea about upstreaming gcc mods, I also would like to know the answer to that.07:48
daliasthey also avoid producing label symbol spam without the need for target-specific knowledge of what form to use for local labels07:49
andrzejrI see, so it is a kind of a "local" label, this may be useful indeed. Have you seen any documentation of or1k assembler (going beyond the instruction set)?07:52
olofkdalias: blueCmd_ asked for an update from the last contributor yesterday09:10
olofkregarding gcc09:10
latifhi all... I want to disable the data cache before compling the linux  kernel?? there examples for arm but not for openrisc.. Anyone knows??12:54
latifHow can I disable the data cache or instruction cache??12:55
_franck__"...before compiling the linux kernel" ??13:01
latiffranck: as you know, I still can not run the kernel on atlys.. I just want to try disabling the data cache... that is the story.13:05
latiffranck: I am using orpsoc-v2.. where can I do this in v2.?. the top module again??13:07
_franck__I think it is in some or1200-defines.v file or something13:13
_franck__I can't recall13:13
latiffranck:  thanks. I have just found it.13:31
latifhi all.. as some of you know, I have been working on booting linux kernel on atlys board.. As I said before the kernel was stopping by the time it is loading.. I have tried many things to undestand this but I could not... and rigth now I have managed to boot it.. I have just disable the data cache on or1200defines.v and then I tried again with this regenerated bit file..and it is done..working!!!16:10
latifbut I dont understand... Why?? Why is it related with the data cache?? Should be a logical explanation.. Any idea??16:12
andrzejrlatif, does firmware invalidate the cache correctly before turning it on? The procedure is not as straightforward as it seems18:42
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