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olofkandrzejr: I got a FuseSoC patch for you18:49
andrzejrolofk, cool! I like patches. :-)18:50
olofkJust added support for using environment variables in most of the .core options18:50
olofkSo you can do $XILINX/path/to/glbl.v18:50
andrzejrNice, that is helpful18:52
andrzejrI wonder if we should put a sample "" script in orpsoc-cores/systems/*18:52
olofkContaining what?18:53
andrzejr$PATH, $XILINX etc. Actually, it would be better if we could define it in fusesoc.conf (no need to worry about shell types)18:55
andrzejrjust a suggestion18:55
olofkYes, I think fusesoc.conf would be better18:56
olofkThat file is seriously under-used right now18:56
olofkIf we allow the user to set ise_root there, FuseSoC can automatically source settings{32,64}.sh for example.19:00
olofkAnd that way $XILINX gets set19:00
andrzejrI had some problems with - it changed some libraries (LD_CONFIG_PATH) and icarus stopped working.19:01
olofkYeah. It's a horrible hack. I think they replace some of the system libraries, so many other programs fail after it has been sourced19:02
olofkBut if FuseSoC sources it, I think it will only affect things when FuseSoC is running19:03
olofkSo that would also be an improvement19:03
andrzejrtrue, that could be used only by some targets (ise, isim, xsim)19:04
andrzejrI had a strange issue with fusesoc.conf(?) I haven't debugged yet.19:04
andrzejrRunning "fusesoc build" in a separate build directory works. But if I run it in orpsoc-cores with "build_root = build" ise cannot find files in build directory19:06
olofkActually, I think I have heard similar problems before19:26
CareBear\yay orconf20:26
CareBear\boo conflict with a coreboot meeting20:27
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