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poke53281I have a very dumb problem. I try to find the source of some error message of openssh "PTY allocation request failed on channel 0". I searched the whole source and used even online source code finders. But I cannot find the c file in which the error message is triggered.11:38
knzpoke53281: it's when allocating a virtual terminal for the session11:47
knzor perhaps it has its own logic to scan /dev/pty11:47
poke53281Yeah, but the error messages in such functions don't fit. It is strange.12:48
poke53281none of the error messages come even close.13:32
poke53281found it13:52
knzpoke53281: what was it?14:26
poke53281I searched mainly for "allocation request" and "on channel"14:35
poke53281Don't know why I missed the file.14:35
olofkAnyone handy with deb packages? Thinking of doing packages for FuseSoC and a small python lib20:54
olofkNot sure how easy it is to do from gentoo, and it's a bit overhead to install a ubuntu/debian vm with all the tools just for this20:55
robtaylorolofk: i can probably help, but a bit rusty ;)20:57
robtaylorolofk: gentoo packages arent very hard, though I use arch nowadays and packaging for that is pretty trivial20:58
olofkrobtaylor: Yeah, packaging for gentoo isn't a problem. I actually made a minimal ebuild as a tweet a while ago :)21:07
olofkBut there are a few people who uses this debian thing21:07
olofkOh well. That's something for tomorrow21:11
robtaylorolofk: you could ask Debian Electronics Team  <>21:30
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