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stekernandrzejr: there are millions examples where'd you run realtime critical programs on the openrisc processor and application programs on the application processors05:20
stekernhere's an real example:
stekernit's a synthesizer, where the openrisc processor takes care of stuff that does not make sense in hardware, but still need to be low latency (such as calculating adsr waveforms etc)05:24
stekernthe arm processor can then be used to run sequencers etc that you control the synth with05:25
stekernthere are a lot of examples like that in the industrial field, especially if you want to connect your deevice to an industrial fieldbus05:27
andrzejrstekern, interesting example, thank you.07:56
andrzejrI agree there are millions of applications for e.g. external MCUs, but with an FPGA + processor macro the field is much narrower. In terms of efficiency you are much better off implementing the task in FPGA or the main processor.08:01
andrzejrBut there is a gray area in the middle where for convenience you could add a CPU softcore and your synthesizer is a good example of that.08:03
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