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Flea86Hello o/ Anyone familiar with Altor32? I am having some 'fun' getting Altor32_lite to synthesize on a Lattice target and running into one problem..07:48
Flea86I get a "syntax error near function" at the beginning of altor32_funcs.v07:50
Flea86It may be possible I am doing something dumb, since I only know VHDL well :/07:51
Flea86hmm ok, looks like there's something wrong with adding includes..08:06
olofkblueCmd: Yep. I saw that you are on the list twice. You do know that this will require you to pay twice the entrance fee, right?10:04
blueCmdolofk: nooooooooooo... well, I guess I get twice of everything so that's fair10:09
stekernI haven't registered yet, so could I buy your extra ticket half price?12:32
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