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blueCmdIn case anyone else is going to CCC this week, I'll be there as well. poke me and let's drink too many beers or something13:45
andrzejrI have pushed three wb peripherals to orpsoc-cores: seven-segment display controller, rgb led driver and an extended gpio module.21:03
olofkandrzejr: Hi. I have cherry-picked the fusesoc patches from your repo.21:04
andrzejrolofk, cool, thanks21:05
olofkWanted to talk to you before I push them to the main repo. They all look good, but I did a slight change on the last patch. capi1.txt can be autogenerated, but it looks like you updated the docs manually. Just a few words changed21:06
andrzejrI've seen your comment about lxt2 - that commit was just for my convenience and to signal that fusesoc may need a mechanism for setting tool parameters21:06
olofkandrzejr: Totally agree. Not sure how to implement that yet though. Haven't had time to do much work on FuseSoC lately, so it's probably best for now to just switch21:07
olofkHonestly, I don't know if anyone uses anything other than gtkwave for looking at the waveforms, so I don't think it will be a problem21:08
andrzejrI see, I was just grepping the sources for "icarus" and updating relevant parts. Might have missed something.21:08
andrzejrAnother limitation I hit was the unsupported dependencies. Isim does not support VPI so it would be good if we could exclude some modules when using Isim. There is a mechanism for adding extra dependencies but not for removing them.21:10
olofkandrzejr: Yeah, better dependency handling have been on top of my TODO list for years now. I have most of the theory sketched out, but haven't started implementing any of it21:15
olofkI liked that you at least gave the users a warning that VPI isn't supported21:16
andrzejrBtw, the new modules I pushed today depend on wb_data_resize fixes21:24
andrzejrre fusesoc, this is the [isim] section I use:21:32
andrzejrisim_options = work.glbl -d ISIM_SIM -d SIM -L unisims_ver -L secureip21:33
olofkandrzejr: I love the work you are doing. Need to run now, but I'll push your fusesoc patches tomorrow and take a closer look at the ones for orpsoc-cores when I can find some time21:59
olofkAre you thinking about showing up at orconf btw? Don't know if I have already asked this22:00
andrzejrnot sure yet, is there any deadline?22:06
blueCmdolofk: I filled in the registration form, although I have a memory of doing it before - so there might be two registrations from me, but hopefully just one :)22:44
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