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juliusbI've given a little update. Anyone here keen on coming along and giving us a presentation on their work?13:21
Fosforhi all - do anybody know whether a confirmation email is send after the ORCONF 2015 registration?15:26
FosforI'm not quite sure where I've registered or not and I cannot find any mail about it in my inbox;)15:27
olofkFosfor: Let me check18:09
olofkFosfor: I realize that I would need a name to be able to check :)18:10
olofkWhat's this libunwind thingamob?19:04
Fosforolofk: Jan Pospisil, j.pospisil@cern.ch19:33
Fosforolofk: tnx :)19:33
olofkFosfor: Yep, you're on the list19:41
Fosforolofk: thank you very much:)21:47
-!- AakaFosfor is now known as Fosfor21:48
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