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GeneralStupidHey, just want to say that i will do the de2 patch in one request. But i started a new job at monday so i need some time to get myself organized again...11:27
olofkGeneralStupid: Cool. Good luck with the new job11:28
GeneralStupidolofk: thanks, its "just" an internship for which i get credits... iam coding C for Truck ABS microcontrollers11:29
GeneralStupidah the english term is "ECU, electronic control unit"11:29
olofkMy friends in the automotive industry talks about ECUs all the time. There are apparently quite a lot of ECUs in a modern car11:30
GeneralStupidi heard of something like ~80 in one truck11:31
GeneralStupidit is very hard to get into that code :-D11:31
GeneralStupidat the moment i would love to get my doctors degree but its really crazy what the car industry usually pays...11:32
olofkCrazy much or crazy little?11:36
GeneralStupidin germany its a lot11:36
GeneralStupidthey used to have 35 working hours per week... 30 holidays and i would sstart with 4950 euros per month11:37
GeneralStupidbut then you need some knowledge of the german tax system...11:37
GeneralStupidi think that might be 3400 Euros per month...11:38
GeneralStupidis that a lot in sweden?11:38
olofkI think that's higher than in Sweden11:38
GeneralStupidbut as i said, its really high in germany too...11:39
olofkI don't have any numbers, but I know that Volvo pay their consultants less than other clients do11:39
GeneralStupidwow, i couldnt imagine that11:39
GeneralStupidwhere i come from is a VW plant... there are people at the assembly line earning more money then some people with a masters degree ...11:40
GeneralStupidok, i wont work in such a job... i think it would make me crazy11:41
olofkYeah, me too11:41
GeneralStupidi always said i never want to work for VW, but if i could i think maybe i would take some of these well paid jobs...11:42
GeneralStupidi started my 'university career' 2010 and never really thought about money since that11:43
olofkIf you are pursuing a doctor degree, it's probably a good thing to be able to focus on that without worrying too much about money11:57
GeneralStupidi could until i met some of my ex girlfriends. She is married and they build a house together. That made me think a lot about money...11:58
olofkI've been spending a lot of time and money the latest months to rebuild a house that was damage because of a water leak, so I've been worrying a lot about money to lately :)12:00
olofkI have also come to the conclusion that whoever thought that rectangular rooms was a good idea didn't have to put plaster in corners12:01
GeneralStupidi dont want to buy a house, i dont know where i live in 2 or 3 years... But the most people i used to know are not studie.. (we have an "dual" apprenticeship system in germany...)12:01
olofkAnd I learned that sewers are smelly12:02
GeneralStupidthese people look at me and think "Oh, hes nearly thirty and still goes to school". ..12:02
GeneralStupidYes, i did an apprenticeship before i go to "college" :)12:02
GeneralStupidworking on a house is hard... but its harder if it is yours :)12:03
GeneralStupidwater leaks are nasty... you only recognize them when its way too late12:03
olofkhaha. Yeah, but I wouldn't be too worried. I know a lot of people around thirty who are in school. Most of them are very happy that they chose to do that12:04
GeneralStupidi try to imagine how my life would be without my bachelors degree... and i never want to change that. I get really bad paid and had to work too much hours per week *and* the work i did was not really interesting12:06
GeneralStupidi was an administrator for some linux servers... When i started it was ok but after one year i had scripted nearly every task...12:07
olofkYeah, it was probably wise of me to educate myself as well. I spent most of yesterday drilling a hole in a well and digging and my body tells me that I'm not cut out for doing any physical work :)12:13
olofkI'm also missing a good version control system. There isn't any easy way to do git reset HEAD^ when you realize that you just sawed off something that you shouldn't have touched12:16
GeneralStupidi think a gui is a good thing for git :)12:30
GeneralStupidat the company iam working they use PTC Source ... it has many management features included ... but i miss git a lot12:31
stekernolofk: git reflog12:54
olofkstekern: I mean physically sawed off. Also applies to when you have put up wallpapers and realize that they aren't straight12:56
olofkMetaphors are great for making things confusing13:03
stekernah, you mean irl version control...13:13
stekernyeah, that'd be handy13:13
olofkErikZ: Have you done any more experiments with SD cards?18:43
olofkI'm about to merge some of the patches that andrzej has made for FuseSoC. Would like to get a second opinion on switching to lxt as default waveform format. Would there be any reasons not to do that?19:05
olofkor lxt2 to be specific19:14
ErikZolofk: I've worked a bit on the spi. What I've learnt sofar is that the performance bottleneck seems to lie in the spi-oc-simple driver in linux19:59
ErikZIf I utilize the 4 entry write fifo in the spi-simple better, performance goes up19:59
ErikZNow I'm playing around with using a 32 bit interface and doing 4x8 byte writes in 32 bit batches20:01
ErikZAlso lets me get a bit more accustomed with the wishbone interface20:01
ErikZNext up is implementing interrupt handling. Right now the cpu gets awfully busy with large write transactions with all the polling going on20:02
olofkErikZ: That's good to hear. I've been thinking about doing a small SD card bootloader, something like the one in minimig, but I've been wondering if I should use the SPI core, or try to do it with one of the pure SD controllers instead20:17
olofkErikZ: Have you thought about showing up at orconf, btw?20:18
ErikZolofk: Yes, I am actually switching employer and will start at ÅAC microtec in Uppsala at the end of august. My work there will involve the openrisc, not too sure about the details right now though. I have pitched the idea of going to the orconf and got a somewhat positive answer.20:24
ErikZBasically I signed the papers and then everyone went on vacation so I don't have any more info as of now.20:25
ErikZIs there a signup deadline?20:25
olofkErikZ: Ah, ÅAC MicroTec. I was at ORSoC when we built the OpenRISC platform for them that went up with the TechEdSat20:28
olofkAnd I don't think we have set a deadline, so you can wait until you know more20:29
ErikZOk, even if I don't get sponsored I might go anyway.20:30
olofkYeah, you should. It's usually a great event with lots of interesting talks and a chance to meet face to face with all the other weirdos :)20:31
olofkHmm.. Not sure if the last part is something positive ;)20:31
ErikZI can go there just to hold the VHDL-banner high :P20:32
ErikZEven though it starts to look a bit torn and tatterned at this point in time20:33
GeneralStupidok, iam writing a LCD Controller for the Wishbone Bus20:34
GeneralStupidWith Fusesoc20:34
GeneralStupidopenrisc, etc... But iam new with it. I would just connect the bus to the lcd and convert the commands via C?! I think that would be the easiest way?20:35
ErikZGeneralStupid: What is your end goal, are you going to run an operating system on the cpu or just a bare-metal application?20:39
olofkGeneralStupid: Don't remember how the LCDs usually work, but I guess you would just need a register where you can push characters + a few control registers so that you can control cursor position, change graphics of some chars etc20:42
olofkOr perhaps that is done with the same interface20:43
GeneralStupidi just need to send bytes...20:45
GeneralStupide.g. 0000 0001 is clear20:45
ErikZDo you even need a custom wishbone controller. Could the gpio module suffice?20:46
olofkI was thinking the same thing20:46
olofkstekern started working on a generic FIFO interface that could probably be used for a lot of things. IIRC it was just supposed to have a R/W data register and a control register for full/empty. It could be used for I2S, (fixed baud) UARTs or basically any streaming interfaces20:48
ErikZGeneralStupid: Maybe this article can give you some inspiration:
olofkBut if an LCD interface is unidirectional 8-bit, the GPIO core would probably work just fine. Might need some sw flow control. Those things are a bit slow IIRC20:49
GeneralStupidi think it would work without it. I just thought about implementing some stuff (like reset) in hdl20:55
ErikZIf you want to play and learn with hdl and wishbone it might be a good candidate but if you need it to get working ASAP I would take the software route and use a preexisting macro.20:57
GeneralStupidi know hdl and c... at the moment we are using the NIOS2 Softcore for a lot of things... I would like to have a small showcase ...21:04
GeneralStupidThey tried the openrisc some time ago but with fusesoc it is easier... i can show how to set it up and how to use the toolchain21:07
GeneralStupidit would be nice to have a showcase which is small and easy to set up to show how to modify it...21:08
olofkGeneralStupid: Yeah, it's good to have a small showcase for a lot of reasons. Would you require it to run on hw, or is simulation enough?21:17
GeneralStupidhardware would be nice... thats why i thought about LCD, thats something you can see :-D21:18
olofkThat's it for today. Good night everyone21:45
GeneralStupidgood night21:53
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