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ErikZHi guys. I'm running orpsoc and booting linux on it and I've hooked up a spi sd-card interface to it but the linux mmc_spi driver fails to get the sdcard out of the initial busy state. I've measured the spi clk and it seems decent enough 390kHz versus the kernel log of 400kHz. The sd card is a kingston 2Gb and works fine when I mount it in my mac. Any ideas?09:56
ErikZGot it working with a sandisk card10:15
juliusbYeah, I was going to say have you tried a different make of SD card, they are notoriously variable10:41
ErikZIs debian the way to go distributionwise on the openrisc?11:58
poke53281There is a Debian port of blueCmd.
poke53281As far as I know the boot process does not work yet because of limitation of the glibc port.15:11
poke53281However a chroot into the debian environment works.15:11
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p1oooopI thought Debian has OpenRisc in their mainline distribution architectures already...16:57
olofkAh.. interesting. Someone booting from SD card22:36
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