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Schrostfutz_If I were to write a VM for the openrisc instruction set, could I generate code for it or would I have to also understand the ELF-header?20:24
poke53281you can generate bare metal code. and you can extract the code from the generated elf file via the objcopy program.20:32
poke53281You don't have to understand the elf format20:32
Schrostfutz_poke53281: that sounds nice. Do you think writing a small vm for the basic instruction subset is a difficult exercise?21:34
poke53281It depends on your experience. In principle not. The problems are the subtleties21:50
Schrostfutz_poke53281: okay, thank you!21:50
poke53281at least there are three instruction set emulators for Openrisc:  or1ksim, qemu and jor1k21:51
poke53281This is (almost) a complete implementation, which is able to run Linux:
poke53281for bare-metal code only the last 500 lines are really important.21:56
poke53281take a look in the architecture manual
poke53281search for l.ori21:58
poke53281Then look at line 722 in safecpu.js and try to understand it.21:58
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