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olofkIs this still valid?
ErikZHi guys. I'm running orpsoc and am booting linux. I have sucessfully mounted a sdcard using simple spi and the mmc_spi linux driver. The problem now is that sd accesses are incredibly slow. Creating a directory on the mounted sd card takes more than a minute. Is this level of performance expected or is something awry?13:26
ErikZDoes the opencores sdcard_mass_storage_controller project have a working linux driver?13:43
ErikZ_heh, writing hello in a text file took about 4 minutes14:15
ErikZ_Any ideas on how to debug this?14:49
poke53281you should type faster :)14:50
poke53281what about strace?14:51
andrzejrany reason why atlys is using a custom jtag_tap rather than the one built in the fpga? I imagine this board already has a jtag i/f for programming the fpga.22:14
olofkErikZ_: Hi. I've been looking at better SDcard support recently. Haven't looked at the performance yet, but from what I have heard a real SD core would be much better than using SPI mode22:50
olofkI think LoneTech did some work on the SD controller on opencores, and I'm also a bit interested in the one Google uses for ProjectVault22:52
olofkThey use FuseSoC for the code they have put up on github, but I've made some local improvements to their repo to separate the cores in a better way22:52
olofkStill haven't pushed anything though22:52
olofkandrzejr: I think the reason is that there was (is?) no support for openocd for the Xilinx protocol22:56
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