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p1oooop(it's pretty quiet in here)08:34
juliusbyeah, usually08:57
juliusbday jobs :-/08:57
p1oooopI guess so!09:16
p1oooopI would be upset that I didn't get an internship this summer.  But I probably needed a rest anyway...09:17
p1oooop(I'm not resting much... haha.)09:17
p1oooopI'm just going to take a wild shot in the dark and guess that this isn't #openocd... so I should probably report my openocd bug in that channel instead.09:18
_franck__p1oooop: do you have an openocd openrisc related problem ?09:20
p1oooopWell, openocd locks up when initializing with the altera byteblaster and the or1k_generic configuration09:23
p1oooophere's the same pastebin that I gave #openocd
_franck__do you have an usb blaster or usb blaster II ?09:26
p1oooop_franck__: I have a de0_nano board (so usb blaster... I think)09:30
_franck__ah ok09:30
p1oooop_franck__: strangely enough, I can't get fusesoc to build mor1k for the de0_nano (it complains about a missing file or something)09:30
* p1oooop wonders how he made the... pseudo-wise decision to get the de0-nano.09:31
_franck__p1oooop: you don't have an usb blaster 2 but openocd finds one:09:32
_franck__Info : 178 10 ublast2_access_libusb.c:228 ublast2_libusb_init(): Altera USB-Blaster II found (Firm. rev. =)09:32
_franck__or maybe new de0_nano have usb blaster 209:32
p1oooop_franck__: it's an old-ish board...  I can't remember when I got it.09:32
p1oooopI got it at the end of July 201309:33
_franck__try to put -s ./tcl at the very end09:33
p1oooopgot it.09:34
p1oooop(an in, I will do that)09:34
_franck__should not change a lot of things09:35
p1oooop_franck__: looks like it's still hanging at the same place09:35
_franck__what is the vid/pid of de0 ?09:35
p1oooop_franck__: USB device, right09:36
p1oooop_franck__: let me install lsusb first... haha.09:36
p1oooopBus 005 Device 032: ID 09fb:6001 Altera Blaster09:37
_franck__ok on origin , old usb blaster09:40
_franck__usb_blaster.c:854 ublast_init(): No lowlevel driver configured, will try them all09:40
_franck__may be you don't have libftdi installed so
_franck__it ends up in ublast209:40
_franck__p1oooop: how did you configure openocd (did you compile it ?) ?09:42
p1oooop_franck__: I compiled it.  Perhaps I compiled it wrong?09:43
_franck__my guess :)09:44
p1oooop_franck__: I followed the openocd compilation instructions here
p1oooop(I pretty much programmed the FPGA with the .sof file there because I couldn't get it to work with orpsoc or fusesoc)09:45
_franck__p1oooop: my guess was wrong, it seems ok09:47
p1oooop_franck__: my guess is that it might come from the specific version that I'm using...09:48
p1oooopdunno, I'll try to find 0.8.009:48
p1oooop"Error establishing a database connection"09:48
p1oooopIn fact, the entire website seems to be down from my end...09:49
p1oooopoh yeah huh...09:53
p1oooopgit can revert to a tag.09:53
* p1oooop facepalms09:53
_franck__git checkout -b this_one_will_work v0.8.009:54
p1oooop_franck__: haha09:57
p1oooop_franck__: bummer.
p1ooooptoo bad I don't know the openocd code base very well...10:00
p1oooop(although, I do like the error messages... I may copy their convention.)10:00
_franck__^ that's around here10:02
_franck__you should put some prints in the loop:
_franck__time to eat, see you later10:03
p1oooop_franck__: ... my problem was that I forgot to include the "./configure" arguments somehow11:21
p1oooop_franck__: at least... with the 0.8.0 version11:21
p1oooopIT WORKS.12:41
olofkp1oooop: Good to hear that you got it working17:16
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