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p1oooopolofk: now if only I could get an ethernet MAC board for it... haha.01:23
p1oooopoh hey, I already have the right channel open04:00
p1oooop(you can paste five lines in here without angering anybody, right?)04:00
p1oooopbrandon@Bailey:~/orp1k/orpsoc-build$ fusesoc build de0_nano04:01
p1oooopINFO:  Preparing adv_debug_sys04:01
p1oooopERROR: Cannot find Hardware/adv_dbg_if/rtl/verilog/adbg_wb_biu.v in : /home/brandon/.cache/fusesoc/adv_debug_sys /home/brandon/.local/share/orpsoc-cores/cores/adv_debug_sys04:01
p1oooopI looked in the directories above, and there is indeed a adbg_wb_biu.v04:03
p1oooopIt's /home/brandon/.cache/fusesoc/adv_debug_sys/rtl/verilog/adbg_wb_biu.v instead04:04
p1oooopI guess I'll just ask it again. :P13:07
p1oooopbrandon@Bailey:~/orp1k/orpsoc-build$ fusesoc build de0_nano13:08
p1oooopINFO:  Preparing adv_debug_sys13:08
p1oooopERROR: Cannot find Hardware/adv_dbg_if/rtl/verilog/adbg_wb_biu.v in : /home/brandon/.cache/fusesoc/adv_debug_sys /home/brandon/.local/share/orpsoc-cores/cores/adv_debug_sys13:08
p1oooopI looked in the directories above, and there is indeed a adbg_wb_biu.v13:08
_franck__p1oooop: I'll checkout latest fusesoc/orpsoc-cores and will give it a try13:12
_franck__p1oooop: it works for me:
p1oooop_franck__: ... did I not compile the darn thing right again?14:03
_franck__well, let's do it again14:04
p1oooop_franck__: maybe I shouldn't fusesoc init it...14:04
_franck__I don't use fusesoc init and I don't install fusesoc14:04
p1oooop(maybe I shouldn't install it either!)14:04
_franck__I run fusesoc like this: python3.4 ./bin/ build de0_nano14:05
p1oooopWARN:  Failed to register cores root '/home/brandon/.local/share/orpsoc-cores is not a directory'14:08
p1oooopERROR: Can't find system 'de0_nano'14:08
_franck__in general I put cache_root = ./cache in fusesoc.conf14:09
_franck__so I get my cache directory in front of my eyes :)14:09
_franck__and if I can find it fusesoc has a chance to find it ;)14:09
ysionneausomeone know about an option to tell ISE/Xst/par to print regularly some message during synthesis/p&r ?14:17
ysionneaulike vivado is doing, printing mem and cpu usage14:17
ysionneauso that the output is not "stuck" with no new information for more than 10 minutes when p&r takes loooong time14:17
p1oooop_franck__: I'm not quite sure how fusesoc is fetching everything for you with .tar s14:21
p1oooop_franck__: do you checkout your systems to the systems directory?14:22
_franck__I checkout fusesoc and orpsoc-cores in the same directory14:22
_franck__then you go in fusesoc dir14:22
_franck__autoreconf -i14:23
_franck__then python3.4 ./bin/ build de0_nano14:23
_franck__and you're done14:23
_franck__looks like "ahh" means you didn't do the "in the same directory" thing :)14:24
p1oooop_franck__: yep.14:24
p1oooop_franck__: so, I did that... and it gives me the same "Cannot find" error message. :P14:24
p1oooop_franck__: maybe I checked out the wrong orpsoc-cores?14:24
p1oooop/openrisc/orpsoc-cores branch master14:25
_franck__does it say "INFO:  Checking out revision 9a2a...." ?14:28
p1oooop_franck__: nope, it does not.14:28
p1oooop_franck__: looks like I'm going to re-make fusesoc.14:29
* p1oooop wonders exactly how fast his typing will get if he keeps typing in these commands at this rate... :P14:29
_franck__can you show me your fusesoc.conf and adv_debug_sys.core files ?14:30
p1oooop_franck__: one sec14:31
p1oooop(I just re-cloned the fusesoc directory so... yeah.)14:32
p1oooop(in the order presented before)14:33
* p1oooop is pretty sure fusesoc isn't checking out the git stuff14:34
_franck__clean your cache dir and you'll see14:35
_franck__but yeah it looks like it does not fetch14:35
p1oooop_franck__: ... I cleaned my cache dir, and everything is working perfectly now... what the14:36
p1oooopWarning (20028): Parallel compilation is not licensed and has been disabled14:36
_franck__it could be an imcomplete checkout. So fusesoc thinks the core is in cache but it's not entirely here14:38
_franck__I think there is a new option to not cache things14:38
_franck__we should ask olofk14:38
p1oooop_franck__: I wonder why my .cache directory would even be incompletely checked out.14:38
* p1oooop should really do some kind of brain-teaser or something before he starts to randomly instantiate cores found on the internet14:39
p1oooopBy the way, I can't really say how much I'm impressed by this.14:39
p1oooopoh right, the UART port is probably configured differently in the de0_nano build versus the old orpconf2013 build.14:46
p1oooopthat was fast.14:47
p1oooop_franck__: I would assume that the files from orpconf2013 are invalid for this new build... right?14:51
_franck__which files ?14:52
p1oooop(and, of course, the vmlinuz provided)14:54
_franck__it should work14:54
_franck__I don't think the memory map has changed since then14:55
p1oooopI'm checking over the files... and it seems that they haven't.14:55
p1oooop_franck__: okay, the software works a treat.  But it won't boot the vmlinuz provided in the orpconf2013 workshop.14:56
_franck__do you clear r3 before you start the image (show me your openocd command line) ?14:59
p1oooophalt; load_image (where it's located); reset14:59
_franck__halt; load_image (where it's located); reg r3 0; reg npc 0x100; reset15:02
_franck__halt; load_image (where it's located); reg r3 0; reg npc 0x100;resume15:04
p1oooopoh, that's what bottom header meant.15:09
p1oooop(I might try to make a commit just to fix the wording.)15:09
_franck__don't you have your uart working ?15:10
p1oooopI just got it working. :P15:10
_franck__ah ok so know you can see if you get linux to talk :)15:10
p1oooop_franck__: it turns out that "bottom header" means the "header with pins facing down"15:10
p1oooophuh, that's absolutely bizarre.15:13
p1oooopno peep from linux.15:13
p1oooopusually, it'll blink the LEDs (exactly how or why, I don't know.)15:14
p1oooopI'm confused, but linux is booted.15:19
_franck__you should be happy15:22
p1oooop_franck__: in a way, I am...15:22
p1oooopI don't know if I'm near insanity at this moment, but I did the same thing and it worked.15:23
_franck__sometimes openocd has a hard time to start Linux it could need a manual hard reset15:24
p1oooop(I wonder if I can get a file transfer thing to work over serial...)15:26
p1oooop(better yet, SLIP)15:26
p1oooop"UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION: entering infinite loop" heh.15:31
andrzejrhi has anyone tried orpsoc/fusesoc on xilinx artix 7 device + ddr2?22:51
andrzejre.g. nexys 4 ddr board from digilent22:51
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