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olofkpoke53281: So how many lines of documentation is jor1k now? ;)10:25
poke53281olofk: A lot I guess.12:06
poke53281Around 26000-28000 lines of well documented source code.12:10
poke53281For some appropriate definition of "well documented"12:11
poke53281The problem with the htif interface (I think you refer to my comment on lowrisc)  is, that it is split into three different projects.12:13
poke53281linux, pk and fesvr.12:14
poke53281and the data is converted now and then.12:15
poke53281And what makes it worse is, that it is incompatible to 32-Bit architectures.12:18
wallentopoke53281: Just jumping in, but on the I started with defining a proper debug infrastructure for lowRISC13:07
poke53281Thanks wallento13:47
poke53281When my student wrote the arithmetic part of the emulator, we found, that a lot of aliases are indeed not documented.13:49
poke53281and I definitely hope, that they will have a proper device interface.13:51
poke53281At the moment I cannot use any of my mmio devices because they don't support it.13:51
poke53281Let's hope, that they will suport something like mach-virt soon.13:53
latifhi everyone...good nigths.. I have been working on wishbone interface used in orpsoc-v2 for learning how to add peripheral to the processsor. I got nearly everything but have a problem on adresses issue. I could not understand why spi0 is like spi0_wb_adr = 8'hb0 and while gpio is parameter gpio0_wb_adr = 8'h91.. I mean what is the way while adressing an IP?? I have adressed my IP to mycounter0_wb_adr = 8'h93;... Is that correct???19:53
olofkpoke53281: Oh, I thought I responded in #lowrisc :)21:23
olofklatif: The wishbone interconnect takes care of the high bits of the address, so you only need to care about the number of address bits that you need for your internal registers21:25
olofkDid you ever get the SPI boot loading fixed, btw?21:25
olofkWhere did you find those parameters btw? Is that somewhere in orpsocv2?21:25
latifolofk: yes it is in orpsoc-v2 named the module orpsoc-params.v file...21:33
latifolofk: no I havent fixed the spi boot problem for one replied to the mail..21:34
latifolofk: bandvig sent me his bootrom.v file and I tried but nothing changed.. the strange thing is that his bootrom.v and mine are different!! although we use same or1k toolchain and same board file (atlys) and the same bootrom.S code...21:35
latifolofk: how will I know where I should adress my costum module ?? I mean to which adress I should attend my module?? I have just estimated by looking the orpsoc-params.v and adressed my module like I have adressed my IP to mycounter0_wb_adr = 8'h93;...But I dont know it is correct or not!!!21:40
olofklatif: Sorry. Very late here and I need to sleep, but I'm hopefully back tomorrow22:35
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