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juliusbblueCmd: so that means we're close to getting upstream?10:01
juliusbonly...16 years after the port was begun?10:02
juliusbI wonder if that's some kind of record10:02
blueCmdjuliusb: close and close. don't hold you breath, it will take time and effort - but at least it no longer appears impossible10:14
blueCmdthe gcc port still needs to be polished to pass the tests and we need to find a code reviewer10:15
stekernbut at least we are getting closer to a point where it's just technical obstacles and not beuracratical ones10:16
stekernthat article about project vault makes a point why they choose openrisc. I guess they wanted to opensource their own cores, but the cores alone aren't all that interesting, so they grabbed the first open source cpu they saw to replace the ARM they are planning to use in the final thing.11:07
blueCmdSo much weirdness with the Vault thing12:04
blueCmdATAP isn't really "Google" in that sense, it's more an incubator so it would explain the source code release and odditites12:05
blueCmdbut it is odd. normally Google requires quite the review before open-sourcing stuff, this looks like someone just dumped everything into a repository12:06
stekernyes, and that someone doesn't seem to be affiliated with google at all12:34
olofkI've been wondering if this is some guy who didn't realize it would be public12:43
olofkHmm... if only we knew someone at Google who could find out who that tcarstens is12:43
blueCmdyeah, well, if you did he would probably say that there isn't such a person inside Google. ATAP is a research project, AFAIK they are just some sort of incubator for researchers given grants. Think of PhDs that get their projects funded if Google gets to own the product.12:45
blueCmdthat's how I understood it anyway12:45
blueCmdIf it was an official release it would certainly be under and not its own page12:46
olofkJesus. They're using a 64KiB bootrom in the ProjecVault thingamob13:05
olofkHaha. It's not close to meet timing. Got a timing score of 127910013:37
olofkSome languages makes it hard to write self-modifying code. Python makes it hard to _not_ do that sometimes19:24
shentinoI thought the champion of self modifying code was lisp19:29
olofkshentino: At least lisp doesn't have inheritane19:54
olofkHa! Python, you're no match for my extraordinary intelligence!20:38
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