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stekernthat seems fun04:24
olofkWhen do you expect to be finished with the TIS-100 RTL? :)05:41
stekernoh, I didn't even consider that, that'd be even more fun ;)06:10
poke53281Yes, the game looks like a lot of fun07:53
poke53281But it doesn't look like it can beat spacechem08:08
mafmblueCmd: I think that I read it from you in this and other channel, but had the same reservations... I expect that you have no news since then?11:05
mafmno news from the would-be-assinger of the copyright :-)11:07
blueCmdmafm: this was just a few weeks back11:14
mafmblueCmd: hopefully he keeps true to his word and finds the motivation11:33
mafmnobody up for a clean-room reimplementation?11:33
mafmI am about to become jobless, if only I knew about the gcc backend...11:39
blueCmdmafm: I'd suggest working on the clang version if you want to get into stuff, I know it should be "OK"-ish, but has some bitrot12:10
mafmwhat's going on with the plans for or2k, btw?12:45
mafmblueCmd: for the Debian port, I don't know if clang is feasible12:46
mafmit had too many failures to be used as the default compilers, last time that I check (not all of them clang's faults, but still unworkable at the time being)12:46
olofkmafm: I think it's unlikely that there will be an or2k in the near future12:50
olofkA 64-bit or1k though is more likely12:50
blueCmdmafm: there are more distros than Debian, some using clang instead of gcc12:52
mafmyes, I know, but I am not used to other distros12:53
mafmI think that Debian is better than most in terms of portability as well12:53
mafmgoing for lunch now!12:54
juliusbit's not clear what or2k is meant to be yet. for mine, RISC-V addresses a lot of what I thought or2k should be, and so unless someone sees a load of stuff missing from RISC-V which isn't addressable via it's extensible architecture stuff, maybe or2k is the place for it13:01
juliusbbtw, save the date people, provisionally we've got ORCONF booked for October 10/11 at CERN this year, but wait a confirmation hopefully tomorrow or next week, and an announcement on the mailing list13:03
juliusbstart thinking of who you'd like to invite13:03
juliusbi really want to get Wilson "Verilator" Snyder or Steve Williams of Icarus Verilog fame over13:03
juliusbor that FuseSoC guy, he's pretty rock and roll too13:05
juliusbwill definitely ping Mr Herveille too13:05
blueCmdthat's just a few hours away from where I'll live then13:11
juliusbas opposed to the opposite side of an ocean that's on the opposite side of the continent that you currently live on? :)13:12
juliusbwell that'll be convenient13:12
blueCmdI'm currently on Ireland, so everything is inconvenient13:12
blueCmdit could be its slogan13:12
juliusbah, were you not near Vancouver last year?13:13
juliusboh, no sorry, I'm mixing you up with poke53281 I think13:13
blueCmdno worries, I don't know where half the people in here are from either13:13
olofkjuliusb: I don't want that FuseSoC guy to come. I heard he plants backdoors in his code that mines bitcoins to fuel his coke addiction14:09
olofkBut I got a host of other people on my invitation list. I can share that as a google doc and we can go through them together so we don't miss anyone or duplicate invitations14:10
poke53281juliusb: I am back in Germany. Vancouver was only temporarily.15:45
juliusbpoke53281: ah cool, very convenient to Geneva then I expect :)16:53
juliusbolofk: yeah, soon as this is confirmed let's start with the PR onslaught16:53
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