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olofkIn case someone missed it
_franck_"The card runs its own ARM processor" ?? Isn't it an OpenRISC ?12:13
mafmperhaps it's the prototype?12:58
mafmit says below that: "The device isn’t ready for primetime yet, but there’s a hardware kit coming that’s completely open source (including the processor – an OpenRISC CPU)"13:32
mafmperhaps we can run the Debian port in it :-P13:33
juliusbbah, or1200, welcome to 2001 :P13:39
juliusbthe mention of an ARM in the SoC is odd, versus the OR1200 in the FPGA kit13:40
olofkAnd yes. We should find out who's responsible and ask them why they use or1200. Could just be that the don't know enough about it14:06
olofkStill see plenty of design starts with or1200. maxpaln used it for example before we convinced him14:07
olofkmor1kx should really put some effort in the marketing departement :)14:07
blueCmdmafm: did you hear that I spoke with the last GCC author?16:08
blueCmdhe agreed to sign the documents to assign copyright, so that's exciting. I'm not holding my breath until I hear back that the docs are in the mail, but at least I know he's alive16:08
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