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rokkakha: yeah we got second place in gasoline class and third in internal combustion engines: result was 1972km/l10:27
rokkatelemetry worked fine but antennas could be better :)10:28
rokkaantenna was inside the vehicle which is made of carbon fiber10:29
rokkait was taped to the side window10:30
rokkaabout 0.5m from ground level10:30
rokkaother antenna was taped to the laptop10:31
rokkaoh wrong channel:D10:31
rokkathis was about if our openlrsng-dl based telemetry worked in our Eco-Marathon vehicle10:32
olofkrokka: At least I found it interesting :)10:33
rokkaour team and vehicle:
essekshi everybody! I am looking for the specification of OR1k relocation, unfortunately the architecture manual only mentions R_OR32_ relocations. Where do I found a table for R_OR1K_ ones?11:15
blueCmdesseks: you can find a list of them in elf.h in binutils12:34
blueCmdesseks:;a=blob;f=include/elf/or1k.h;h=3fb0d028c623ee360c9b7960e9dc6d139f80ca63;hb=HEAD for example12:36
blueCmdolofk: actually it's: "Questa Sim - 64 10.2c Revision 2013.07 Date Jul 19 2013"12:37
esseksblueCmd, thanks, I already saw that list, I was more interested in having a table detailing the expression for each relocation. I know I can deduce it from or1k-elf.c HOWTO stuff, but having it from the specification would be better12:40
blueCmdthere is no specification for some of these12:40
blueCmdthey are added as they are needed12:41
essekss/specification/documentation/, but I guess there is none :)12:41
blueCmdwell, I wrote the TLS ones and I didn't document them anyway :P12:41
blueCmdbut they behave similar to other arches so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out how they work12:42
esseksfor now I just want to focus on static and dynamic, TLS for another time :D12:42
essekswell, thanks anyway. Guess I am writing a script to turn bfd HOWTOs into a table12:43
ysionneaudunno if it has been pasted here yet:
ysionneauseems Google is using OpenRISC for prototyping their new "Vault" toy13:34
GeneralStupidlooks freaky and nice13:41
GeneralStupidif i remember it correctly its a complete computer in the form factor of an SD Card13:42
GeneralStupidit encrypts data (speech, text, etc.) in realtime...13:42
olofkHa! They got a fusesoc.conf in there :)13:43
GeneralStupidnice :)13:43
_franck_and at least they tested xilinx bscan with openocd:14:17
_franck_Info : xilinx_bscan tap selected Info : adv debug unit selected14:17
blueCmdysionneau: ah, Google ATAP14:27
blueCmdysionneau: why do you think this is Google's repository though?14:28
ysionneauSeen that in some French article14:29
blueCmdI'm very sceptical14:29
ysionneauthis might not be Google's repository, but it contains Google files anyway14:29
blueCmdhm, that's actually true yes14:30
blueCmdcool. Intel to buy Altera15:13
blueCmdAltera rejected their earlier bid in march, and Intel revisited. apparently it was accepted this time15:17
ysionneauand broadcom is being bought15:49
blueCmdolofk: updated with support for WB->AXI4 (non-Lite)17:35
olofkblueCmd: Great! I'll check it out when I have some time19:05
olofkI found a few files in the ProjectVault repo with Apache-licensed files copyrighted to Google that I have written. I should ping them about that19:07
stekernthey should change this line to MOR1KX_CPU though ;)19:24
stekernbut the repo all together seems a bit mysterious19:25
blueCmdolofk: I also started making an IP-XACT ip-core for the translator and Wishbone bus, because "Why not?". Hopefully it might be possible to create a new OpenRISC IP-Core as well and make it point-and-click. But for now, just playing with it.
blueCmdit was kinda troublesome to work with so I might just give up on it for now though19:49
olofkblueCmd: I got a repo with IP-Xact files here if you want to take a look
olofkblueCmd: I'm using Kactus2 for building the IP-Xact stuff. Unfortunately Vivado's IP-Xact support is total crap so it won't read files it hasn't created itself21:18
olofkThe usual sad state of EDA21:18
olofkI started on a python lib too to parse parts of IP-Xact. It's here
olofkI really want to like IP-Xact since it's the best shot we have for a standard for these kind of things. But the amount of XML and the shoddy tool support has made it hard to love so far :)21:20
blueCmdolofk: perfect!21:25
blueCmdolofk: that looks much better than what I had21:25
blueCmdwe have to link these on the new shiny site when it's ready :)21:25
olofkYep. I've been thinking about how to best distribute the stuff. Oh well. Time to sleep now21:29
blueCmd(ws 2021:41
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